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10 tips for a perfect landing on Black Friday 2022

With Black Friday just around the corner, many of us are looking for products to purchase that day much cheaper than usual.
Faced with this avalanche of requests that we are going to receive, and that these are precisely the dates when purchases are going to increase, implementing certain strategies will be key to making ourselves seen and heard.
One of these strategies goes precisely through the visual aspect, especially if you are one of those who are going to choose to create a landing page for these days.
¿Landing pageWhat is that, is it eaten? No, it is simply the "landing page" where your potential customers will reach your Black Friday 2022 offers.
"And how do I do that?", you may ask. Don't worry, right here we give you 10 tips to have a perfect landing page ready for Black Friday 2022.

Tip 1 - Get to the point, be direct

On a day like Black Friday users don't want to research and read about your product or service, they do that work before the date in question. What they want that day is to buybe concrete and straightforward in your landing.

To do so, we advise you to have these 4 points:

  • Title.
  • Brief description of the offer or website, what you offer in a few words.
  • Supporting images.
  • Call to action buttons to your products or categories that you want to show that day, direct links for them to access in a quick and easy way.

All these elements must be visible on the page without the user having to scroll down the page.
Eliminate all distractions that may confuse the user with the objective you want. Concrete, easy and simple.

tip 1 landing black friday

Tip 2 - Write a headline that drives action

The time it takes users to read the title is the time they will use to decide whether to continue browsing the web or to look for other options. And that decision is made in just 3 seconds.
Be innovative in the headline, catch them with a small phrase that encourages them to stay on your website.

tip 2 landing black friday

Tip 3 - Create a clear and informative call to action (the famous Call To Action or CTA).

A call to action is what you want your visitors to do. It sounds very simple, though, A good CTA requires a little more thought and creativity.
It is what makes the user want to do what it says on the button. It must be clearly visible, attractive and, as mentioned above, in the form of a button. Make your CTA button as easy to spot as a billboard in the desert.
Consider the color of it as well. Does it match the rest of your color scheme, but still stand out?
Psychologists agree that colors are a big part of marketing and should be used with consideration. Here are some examples:

  • Yellow is associated with optimism, clarity and warmth.
  • Orange is friendly and cheerful.
  • Red is exciting and bold.
  • Blue is associated with confidence and strength.
  • Green means peaceful and healthy.
  • The use of white space promotes balance and calm.

tip 3 landing black friday

Tip 4 - Make it easy to convert

Let's be honest, life is hectic! Your visitors may not have a lot of time to do long and tedious forms or purchase steps. So, be clear and concise in what you ask of the userThe minimum to be able to carry out the CTA you want.
The fewer fields your form has, the higher the conversion rate. It's as simple as that.
Once you get it, you will be able to ask for all the data you need/want from the user later on.

tip 4 landing black friday

Tip 5 - Keep legal information accessible and up to date

It is very important that all legal information on the website is at a glance. and you can access it very easily and at any time.
These pages solve the user's doubts and generate confidence to convert on your website. We refer to the return policy, data privacy policy, cookies, etc.

tip 5 landing black friday

Tip 6 - Payment gateways

Implement several payment gateways to make it easier for the user to purchase on your website. It is important for the user to be able to use their favorite payment gateway. to have more confidence in your website.
If your website has an unusual gateway, it may not end up converting as much as you would like, therefore offers a handful of gateways and options so that the user's only concern is the product or service you offer.
In addition, you can include payment in installments to convince the user that if you buy today you can pay in 3, 6 or more months.

tip 6 landing black friday

Tip 7 - Create urgency for the user

To make your potential customer believe that what you offer is what he needs, and he needs it now, it is important to create an urgency to buy it. This is usually done by using a stock counter or a clock with the time you have to get the offer you are looking for.
If you create an urgency in the user, coupled with a good offer, it is impossible for them to resist the purchase.

tip 7 landing black friday

Tip 8 - Use the power of branding

The brand name sells and sells a lot!
It is surprising how many people buy a product just because of the brand that manufactured it. People rely on big brands to make their purchases because they trust them.
Therefore, if you have products from big brands, show it, give the user the confidence to end up buying on your website.

tip 8 landing black friday

Tip 9 - FAQ's

Have a frequently asked questions and answers section inside the landing page can solve many of the customer's doubts such as:

  • What happens if my product comes defective?
  • How long does it take for the product to arrive at my home?

These are questions that all users ask themselves and that, if you respond to them before they try to contact you, you save time for the user. of tedious processes and long waits between the question and the answer.

tip 9 landing black friday

Tip 10 - Feedback

Ask users through a short survey of 1 or 2 questions to show their feedback with the brand, product or service.
Listening to the user after offering the product or service is very important to improve and innovate over the years.
Making users happy with their purchase and keeping them in mind will increase their confidence in you. and this can give you the option to grow a lot in a short time.

tip 10 landing black friday

And you, how are you going to prepare your landing page for this Black Friday 2022? If you need help positioning yourself, remember that we have some cracks of the SEO ready to advise you for this coming season. Contact us at and we'll tell you how 😉


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