4 Advanced Remarketing Audiences you should try.

It is often surprising among team members how many of the accounts that have just arrived at the agency do not have an Advanced Remarketing Audiences strategy in place. For us, this is one of the essential tactics. Think about it! The probability of converting a user who has previously visited us is always much higher. Their advanced position in the purchasing process makes them very likely to convert.

Your positive ROI most of the time is guaranteed. Of course, it depends on the days of Affiliation and the management of each campaign, but in general terms, it is a line to follow without hesitation.

In this post, we don't want to stay in the basic lists. (which you are probably already familiar with). This time, we're talking about 4 Advanced Remarketing Audiences that we think you should start testing!

Where to create the Advanced Remarketing Audiences? In Analytics or in AdWords?

First things first, where to do it? We point out pros and cons of each platform.

ADWORDS. In Shared Library - Audiences - Remarketing Lists.

  • Its main PRO is that the lists are retroactive. (Even if you create it today, it will pick up traffic from previous days)..
  • On the other hand, there are very few possibilities. It has less flexibility in terms of conditions.

ANALYTICS. In Manage - Remarketing - Audiences.

  • PRO: its possibilities are very varied and numerous.
  • On the other hand, they are not retroactive.

4 Advanced Remarketing Audience Lists that we recommend to test

In most of them, we do not have the luxury of platform selection. 3 are from Google Analytics because they are based on reports. of it. Nevertheless, let's see it!


Why? The probability of conversion of this type of user is 3 times higher than that of users who browse without doing any kind of research on the page. First of all. We enable the Behavior - Site Searches. This is done from the view configuration:

Advanced Search Engine Remarketing Audiences

Next we will create an audience like any other, for users who have been in the URL of this process (the same as when we want a specific category).

Search Engine Remarketing Audiences

The result, as you can see, is in accordance with the statistics at the beginning:

Search Engine Remarketing Results


The AdWords uniques are created automatically in the same tool, starting from lists created by us before. To impact, for example, users similar to 'All visitors in 30 days' or to users similar to 'Cart in 3 days'.

Although we must be careful with this type of Audiences because they are similar users. (these have not passed through our website yet), sometimes bring us great results.

How do they work? According to the Support Help itself: "AdWords examines browsing activity over short periods of time to learn more about the behavior or interests of all list members. From this information, the system automatically searches for new leads whose behavior resembles that of those users."

This screenshot is an example of how they sometimes give us very positive results. In particular, in this client, the 'Smart List Similarities':

Smart Lists in Similar


It also comes from a Google Analytics Report (Audience - Behavior). We announced the novelty at the time, but today, it is no longer in Beta Phase.

In this first postAs for results, judge for yourself!

Hearing Session Quality


In the same type of report, it is the latest Google Analytics Beta. We also very recently counted its launch in this post. And precisely because it is so new, perhaps the results are not quite as desired. Nevertheless, we have tried it! We can draw conclusions and make decisions.

Conversion Probability Audience

It is true that many of these lists require working with high volume Ecommerce, trying not to restrict the conditions too much, but from Geotelecom we encourage you to try!

Tell us about it! Have you tried any of these remarketing lists? Any other new audience that is not in this post and you want to share with us? Feel free to tell us about it!

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