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5 copywriting tips for writing impactful copy

Do you want to start writing your own texts? We present you then 5 copywriting tips that will work perfectly to impact your target audience.


The copywriting is on everyone's lips more and more. Not surprisingly, many companies focus their attention on hiring content writers to get their message across to potential customers.

Haven't you heard of copywriting? It is no more and no less than what was once known as persuasive writing.. In fact, the word copywriting was already in use in the Middle Ages and designated nothing more and nothing less than copyists: those in charge of copying texts for their wider dissemination. There was no Internet or anything like it, so knowledge was a very scarce commodity that cost a lot to preserve, which is why this figure was so necessary for its transmission.

Nowadays it does not give a good connotation that the origin of this word is precisely "copy", but it does make sense if we look at it in context. Currently, the product offer is very similar, they "copy" each other. varying only in the way they are manufactured, the way they are delivered or the materials they are made of, among many other aspects.

Does that mean that the copywriter copies? No, it is precisely the opposite. The copywriter now does just the opposite: look for that point where you differ from your competitors and exploit it in your texts to generate that famous and coveted value proposition..

Did you know that human DNA is the same in all individuals at 99.99%? There is only a 0.01% difference between us, more than enough to distinguish us at a glance. That 0.01% is what your brand copywriter exploits: that element that sets you apart is what will make you stand out from your competition, what makes you different.. In short, what makes your potential customer decide to buy from you.

Want to know how to boost that 0.01%? Keep reading, we are going to tell you 5 copywriting tips to start applying to all your textsWhether you have a blog or business or you are interested in improving yourself.

Research is the basis of copywriting: thoroughly investigate your ideal client.

You will have heard this a thousand times and, nevertheless, it is something that is still not applied today. Many companies are asked what profile of person is their ideal customer, or potential customer, and they don't know how to give you details.

We are not talking about the classic male/female profile, age, preferences, etc. No, we are talking about their real problems. What is your current situation, what worries you every day when you wake up, how is your money situation, how much time do you have to devote to yourself, complexes?

Why is this important to know? Your texts will be more accurate, concise and effective.You know that feeling of having to give someone a gift and not knowing what to get them? This happens because you don't know them well enough. You end up buying something generic, something that everyone in their profile likes (for example, everyone assumes that women like flowers). What happens then? Your gift won't resonate. It will be put aside in a drawer and easily forgotten about.

However, what happens when you know the person? You know their problems, weaknesses, tastes and desires, you look for a matching gift and you give it to them. You will get it right for sure, and not only that. He will use your gift every day he can and will always remember that you were the one who hit the target.. You will be special.

Do you understand the difference? With a thorough investigation of the needs, problems and desires of your potential customers you will be the one who got it right with your gift. You will be special and he will always remember you.

Don't manipulate, copywriting only persuades

Before proceeding any further, it is important to emphasize that copywriting is the writing of persuasive texts.. Many people confuse persuasion with manipulation, and these are two completely different concepts that should be clarified now.

Persuasion is convincing someone to do something that will be beneficial to them.. For example, it is to convince you to finally take the step of buying new glasses. You will see better. Or to change your computer, the one you have is too old to support the new operating system updates.

That is to say, there is a mutual benefitYour vision will be more comfortable and your new computer will run smoothly. The optician and the computer store, on the other hand, get a happy and satisfied customer who will recommend them in the future.

That is persuasion. Manipulating is another story, it is lying.. To manipulate is to be given glasses that look excellent but do not have your prescription, or a computer even slower than the one you have now, but with lots of colors. They have lied to you with the appearance and then they have ended up being smoke.

Conclusion: persuasion always uses the truth and always seeks your real benefit. Manipulation is deception for personal gain.. Never ever manipulate, at least not if you want them to trust you.

Differentiate well the advantages and benefits of your product or service

Target audience copywriting tips

If you are looking to promote a product or a service using copywriting, you should know that the first thing the person reading you will look for is how it helps them solve their problem.. That is, why hire you and not someone else.

Let's take, once again, an example. If you sell creams for oily skin, the customer who buys from you is not going to look first at the components of that cream. No, they are going to check that the cream does not leave an oily sensation on the skin, that it leaves it soft and that it regulates excess sebum with correct hydration. These are the benefits, the results that your customer will get from buying the cream from you and not from someone else.

What are the advantages then? The characteristics of your product or service. This is where the components come in, those elements that make it unique and special compared to your competition. The final touch to convince, or persuade, that you are the best person to solve their problem.

Copywriting is write for your audience, not just for Google

Let us not misunderstand, Google is necessary if you want to stand a chance. Not taking it into account when writing will make you lose time, money and hopes. Today it is the most used search engine in the world for a reason: it is the one that offers the best solutions to users about what they are looking for.

To this end, Google is taking more and more into account the content you publish. You will have heard a thousand times concepts such as keywords, marketing automation, Google Ads, etc. Defining a digital marketing strategy using Google is crucial for your business or for your professional profile (in fact, we do it and we can advise you personally to achieve your goals). 

But every house must start with its foundation. Those foundations are concentrated in no more and no less than one person: you. And they relate to Google for an ultimate goal: to be read, hired or bought. Those who read, hire and buy are humans. So focus on that, on reaching out to other humans.. Google is only the tool that will make you communicate with them. Keep it in mind, but address your message to your kind, to your potential customer, not to an algorithm.

Golden tip: measure your results and use time-saving tools

Everything that can be measured can be improved. This has always been the case, including in the texts. If you don't measure the results of what you publish, you can't know how to make progress.

For this purpose, Google provides us with very useful tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager or Data Studio that allow us to evaluate the reach of our texts, the time of permanence and many other statistics.

Use them as much as you can to evaluate your performance and have a starting point from which you can only go up. And if you don't know how, at Geotelecom we help you in the content writing for your website. 

Did you like these copywriting tipsHave you already started to apply them? Let us know your experience!

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