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5 Ecommerce mistakes to avoid

There are errors in ecommerce very commonis anyone saved from them. MEGA SPOILER: no. We never get away with these issues, either because we have started a project or we have been at it for a while. Occasionally, there is the idea that having a website by itself is the 90% of the job done. However, there are both internal and external factors that can become an obstacle to the success of a project. handicap and, at times, an accumulation of them.

Errors in ecommerce of which few are spared

Currently, with the crisis by covid-19, there are many ecommerce affected by the pandemicNot only because the situation itself affects, but because many have taken advantage of the moment to make "adjustments" that don't always turn out well. Want to know what these common horrors are? Let's start:

?Bonus track

1. Crawling and indexing errors.

The correct indexing of all the urls priority of a domain is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to organic SEO positioning is concerned. If a category is not indexed, and therefore Google is unable to track itIf you do not see any of the content it contains, all of it will not be visible.

  • Installation of modules

The modules of the different CMS make our lives much easier, either to implement payment methods or to change something in the aesthetics. However, sometimes they can generate problems when they perform actions by default when installed. A very typical example are the modules of facet navigation and its magical ability to automatically alter the indexing status of categories in navigation menus. This causesindex, followbecomeno index, no follow.

  • Elimination of categories

Removing the unusable is not always a good thing. When removing a category, especially if it is in the navigation menu, it is important to consider whether it has traffic volume, as it can affect visibility very considerably. Ecommerce errors and Search Console crashes

  • Is it a missile? Is it an explosion? No, it is a migration

Yes, migrations are always a problem when they are not properly planned and controlled. What happens when there are radical changes of design? The web structure is modified, so we have to consider that our urls Priority should never be altered or "load gracefully". Let's remember that these correspond to an important percentage of the total traffic of the domain. On the other hand, the redirections are fundamental. If there are changes in the urls or in the directories, we must perform 301/302 redirects as appropriate, so that Google understands these alterations and they are not generated. 404 errors like there's no tomorrow. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Then put this post-it in your long-term memory.

2. Errors and server attacks

In a ecommerce Server errors are very common in any domain, large or small. Not only can they occur on simple servers, they can occur at different levels and with different consequences for the web.

  • What are common server attacks? 
  1. Code injections: these are based on the insertion of external code snippets that seek to alter certain functions or add information from other websites.

An example of this is altering the verification of the login to cause a session to be accessible without the need for a username or password.

  1. Massive downloads of content: this occurs when certain content is IPdownload malicious content massively within the web.
  2. Malicious pages: consists of inserting dubious pages redirected from websites to gain malicious traffic.
  • How to detect possible problems?

One of the best ways to check for any anomalous behavior within the web is by analyzing the logs of the serverIn this way we can detect the IPs that have accessed and the interactions they have made. However, we have another tool for this, and it is none other than theGoogleSearch Console. With this platform we can quickly access our alerts and detect possible errors on our website: Errors in ecommerce on Search Console server

3. Internationalization errors

When it is decided to go to other countries with our ecommerce, of course, factors such as competition, type of market, market growth, etc. are taken into account. However, there is one indispensable factor that, although it may seem obvious, must be taken care of with great care: language and localization. The most common mistakes associated with the internationalization of a website are the following:

  • Hreflang misconfigured

The label Hreflang allows you to indicate to search engines the language and localization of a domain.Therefore, if we want our website to be present in France, we must indicate with this tag that it should indeed be displayed there. Let's look at this example of Content King: Errors in ecommerce hreflang tag configuration However, a misconfigured Hreflang tag is a common error in ecommerce. Failure to correctly indicate the language or locale can have a variety of consequences. A typical example is when Google is not able to display the correct page to the user according to their geographic location, or that instead of the UK version it shows the EN version (yes, folks, they are very different).

  • Duplicity of content, watch out for the server!

Remember that by having several versions of our web site, we could also have duplicity in content and cause the server to be compromised if not configured correctly. Whenever possible, you should consider hosting your website in a specific country. If you do so, pleasenoyou also work with a directory structure.

  • Automated systems and 'elegant botches'.

Not all languages work well in Google Translate. The database and queries for German or Japanese are not the same as for English, for example. When we want to translate our web site it is important not only to ensure that all content is translated, including the urls y metatagsWe must also bear in mind the quality of the translation itself. Errors in ecommerce and examples of bad translations- 68 % of users in Europe visit websites in their language when the option is available - 44 % of users cannot access information of interest because they cannot find websites in a language they can understand. can understand. –75 % of users worldwide prefer to buy products in their native language. Interesting, isn't it?

4. Errors and horrors of content

Content is perhaps one of the most important factors within the website. It must not only be pleasant and useful for users, but it must also be created in a way that search engines can find it. priority keywords and understand the information correctly.

Theblatant spelling mistakesapoorly structured textor to spout an empty argumentation can mean thefast abandonment of your website.

Errors in ecommerce spelling errors example mandela
Diario makes spelling errors.

As the example shows, the power of a comma should never be underestimated.

5. Bonus track: communication problems.

It is very common to work with different departments in different companies where different tasks are carried out such as development, social media, SEO, etc. What happens when there is no effective communication?

What is not communicated does not exist.

It is vital that in the face of decision making We make sure that all parties involved are aware of these, especially when they may affect the performance of the website.
A very common example is when a migration is performed. This affects all parts of a web project, therefore, you must keep a effective communication with each department.
Make use of tools that can facilitate more immediate communication, such as Trello o Slack,as faster alternatives to e-mail.

  • Excellent internal communication can increase a company's40% customer satisfaction.
  • Companies with good internal communication are four times more likely to have high levels of internal engagement.
  • Productivity in organizations with connected employees improves by 20-25%.

The radical changescontent removal, content deletion migrationsa pandemic crisis, a release of secret information, cults or a zombie apocalypse may seem strange, but you can expect anything from this one. 2020.

Which of these problems have you been a victim of? Contact with us and find out how we can help you avoid the mistakes in ecommerce day to day.

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