5 Workflows you can do with Connectif

Marketing Automation is the order of the day and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to boost your e-commerce and make it even more personalized. From Geotelecom, as Connectif Certified PartnersWe have a team of professionals from Marketing Automation that today brings you the 5 Basic Workflows that you can create with this magnificent tool to start your campaigns and improve user loyalty and increase your conversion rate through the roof.

1. Newsletter Subscription + Welcome Email

newsletter subscription along with welcome email

We are about to create a flow to subscribe our contacts to the newsletter. We aim to get your email, but we will also want to confirm your subscription and send you a welcome email. In addition, we are going to put into practice a recruitment technique known as double opt-inWhen a contact completes and submits the subscription form, we will send him/her an email to confirm that this address belongs to him/her and that he/she can receive our emails, before subscribing him/her to our newsletter.

We have a large contact list divided into users, Known and Anonymous. It will always be much more favorable for our e-commerce to identify those anonymous users and for that we use this kind of strategies.

First we check if the user is subscribed to our Newsletter, if not, we send a Web Content | Pop-up. When the form is submitted, we send a Welcome Email with a Thank You Pop-up.

2. Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart

In this workflow we are about to recover a cart that had been abandoned in order to transform it into a purchase. To do this, we will send an email to the contact with the items in their cart. In this case, the organization of nodes is very simple and intuitive.

We start from the Initial node where you can select the audience or segment for which this workflow will be executed. In this case, it is configured for contacts who have an email address registered with Connectif. The next node is "When Abandoning Cart". This node detects cart abandonments. It is limited to detect at most 1 per day, but you can edit this limitation and increase or decrease it if necessary. Finally, we have "Send Email" where we send by e-mail the products that are in the basket.

With this, we are managing to send the email to all those subscribers who abandon carts, without sending more than one email per day. This increases the likelihood that they will return to our website and complete their purchase.

3. Segmentation | Days since last purchase

Segmentation, days since last purchase

It is possible to use segmentation to filter a set of organized contacts, either through a series of characteristics of their profile or through a series of activities performed by them. In the following, we will consider a segmentation strategy in which we are interested in dividing customers based on the number of days they have not shopped.

To do this, we put a node of "Al Comprar" to detect the contacts' purchases. We then make two paths, a direct one to establish the "Purchases = 0″ which will reset the custom field to 0; and another one with the node "Plan"which is executed every day at the same time, and followed by the node "Shopping + 1" which will add 1 each day that passes since the contact makes a purchase.

Based on this kind of segmentations, we can impact contacts in an individual and personalized way depending on the number of days they have been without buying in our eCommerce.

4. Recommended Products : Home

Recommended products or home

How can we show recommended products to our users in a direct and personalized way? Very simple, the Inline is the solution. With this Workflow we can display an "Inline" web content with recommended products in the "Home".

And what is an Inline? In Connectif it is a kind of content that will allow you to modify or insert any type of element in your site in a simple way, indicating, for example, the class, id or selector of the element from which you want to replace or add the content.

First we will have to determine which page is the trigger. To do this we use the "When Visiting Page" which defines the page where the inline web content will be displayed. Then we obtain the latest products visited by the contact that we will show in the web content. We set a filter of minimum 4 products to know what type of Inline to show. In the affirmative case, we program the Inline and configure the selector to choose the place where it will be shown. In the negative case, we obtain the list of most visited products that we will show in the web content and add the Inline.

5. Send coupon after purchase

Send coupon after purchase

This is the last Workflow we are going to talk about in this post and it has several applications. It consists of sending a coupon to contacts after making a purchase. It can be made even more convoluted with specific segmentation, but let's go with the basics first.

First we will put the node "Al Comprar" which is the node responsible for detecting the purchase of the contact. Then we place the node "Assign Coupon" which is located in Actions > E-Commerce. With this node we configure the type of coupon we want to use in the email and then send the email with the corresponding design and the information to redeem the Discount (DTO).

Coupons are an effective method to work on loyalty and through the sending of beneficial codes to generate a purchase. If you have a list of coupons created in your CMS, import them for use in workflows within Connectif. The coupons must be generated in the CMS. Connectif only works with coupons that are manually imported from the eCommerce.

And these have been 5 of the essential Workflows that you should boost in your Marketing Automation campaigns with this great tool. We hope they have been useful and have given you some ideas to improve the day to day running of your eCommerce.

If you are thinking about promoting it for your business, you can contact us.

See you next post!


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