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6 useful tools for a Community Manager

What is a community manager? The community manager is the person in charge of managing the social media strategy, its profiles and its community; implementing an editorial calendar; programming content; taking care of the brand image on the Internet and, in short, its presence and its way of relating to the virtual environment. To this definition, almost dictionary-like, I would add another one that is more commonplace: "The community manager is not born, he/she is made".. Having some basic knowledge will be the pillars to begin this journey, but the practice and the day to day will allow you to impregnate yourself with other types of wisdom that will help you on the way.

The top tools to manage your social networks

Beyond Metricool, Hootsuite, Creator Studio or Agora Pulse. that will help you in the programming of your content and its monitoring, here are some tools that will be useful for your work. Take note!


It is a news aggregator. You will need it to keep up to date with news in the industry. There are many aggregators, but the simplicity and design of Feedly is a plus because it helps to visualize everything at a glance. With its free version you can create groupings or "feeds" on certain topics or web pages. In this way, you will see the latest publications of these websites from the same Feedly window. Another interesting aspect is its "Read later" tab where you can store articles and news that you found interesting, but did not have time to read in depth.



If you don't manage with video editing programs like Premiere, Sony Vegas or Movie Maker, Lumen5 is a fairly simple alternative for creating videos for social networks. Its free version offers you a lot of templates, the possibility to export three videos per month with watermark and a resolution of 720p.



It is likely that, at this point, graphic designers will be pulling their hair out, as Canva is a very powerful alternative for those who have no knowledge of design. This application offers templates for different formats (poster, card, IG story, banners, presentations, CV and a long etc.), a very intuitive editor and decorative resources.

canva tool



You may at some point need to capture figures and letters in some of the accounts you manage or simply need to create infographics to present X results. How to create graphics without dying in the attempt? Using Infogram whose plan free gives you plenty of leeway.



Its slogan already gives you a clue as to where it's going, as it says that it's all about "the tool that brings content to life".. And so it is, although its free version does not allow you to download your creations, you can share them through a link. Among its templates you can find: presentations, reports, games, interactive images, videos, guides and educational resources. All with a dynamic, fresh and innovative touch.

great tool genially



In addition to Canva, we recommend another platform that you can use without any knowledge of graphic design: Edit.org. Its free version allows you to use different templates and adapt them to your business or brand. Here you will find templates by theme and even by special days such as Valentine's Day or Black Friday.

If all this is not enough for you, take a look at our posts where we talked about the trends in social networks although, being 2020, anything can happen in the digital world.


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