7 examples of ecommerce landings for Black Friday 2020

We all know that the Black Friday is just around the corner and many of you are probably already searching the internet for possible deals, bargains and discount coupons for when the big event arrives. It's usually a golden opportunity for those in the market for a new smartphone, that recently released book or, why not, a new console. 

Although times are hard, many companies are willing to give their all on these dates and fight against all odds to offer customers the best prices. And there are veterans, such as Amazon or Mediamarkt, that can leave us open-mouthed with their offers. 

But let's not get distracted, we know that they all follow a very well-defined strategy to ensure that Black Friday 2020 be a prosperous and profitable event, with websites very well cared for and very focused on the customer quickly finding what he/she is looking for.

In Geotelecom we wanted to collect some examples of companies that are already betting big for Black Friday 2020, so we will show you 7 examples of landings for ecommerce Black Friday 2020 that you are sure to love. Here we go!

1. Mediamarkt

This technology retailer must necessarily top this list. Every year, Mediamarkt surprises us with its broad catalog of smartphones, tablets y smartwatches with great discounts.  However, in addition to its prices, it also stands out for its landing already exposed well in advance and well distributed by the categories so that users can get an idea of the types of products they will be able to enjoy. 

All with a striking black and white typography, a text with essential information about their performances during the event, an extensive sample catalog and a handy description at the bottom with the most frequently asked questions about this famous Black Friday in a drop-down menu very practical for those who want to find an answer quickly.  

2. Amazon

This giant is a great expert in bargains and deals, even more so when it comes to preparing in advance for big events.  Amazon, basing its strategy on the already past Prime Day, is striking hard again to offer its customers offers organized by category and an extensive catalog for those who are more curious. The sales titan proves once again that its design is always purely focused on the usability and efficient navigation of the customer.

The first thing we find as soon as we open its landing is a featured menu with offers divided by product type and discount type.  Then, an extensive catalog of products on offer is displayed from Black Friday 2020where you can comfortably take a look if you just want to browse without any specific idea.

Finally, it contains a brief informational text at the end of the landing with typical Black Friday questions One of Amazon's most noteworthy features is its link to the couponsalmost at the end of his landingThis is something very sought after at this time of the year and will undoubtedly be very popular among users.

3. PC Components

For many, this ecommerce is a classic when it comes to computer stores. Its great menu organization and easy navigation make this store very attractive to many technology enthusiasts. 

PC Componentes has opted to make a visual impact on the customer with a great introductory video of its week of Brand Daysthe runway to Black Friday 2020  What are the Brand Days? Are the days before Black Friday PC Components is starting to hand out discount coupons, give away certain products and promote special offers to get customers in the mood for Black Friday 2020. 

Following the video, we will find some featured ads for branded products such as Samsung or Intel, among others, and later an extensive text with information about Black Friday 2020. 

In other words, the landing combines highly relevant text, advertisements and short video wrapped into one Black Friday 2020 exclusive special category created in the drop-down menu to gain relevance in positioning. Your Brand Days and the content of its website make it a ecommerce very much to watch out for this Black Friday 2020. Also, the technology sector is usually very popular at this time of the year. by offering very competitive prices. 

4. Chollometer

Who doesn't know this famous web site that gathers offers for ecommerce? On this occasion, Black Friday 2020 has been an opportunity for them to pick up specific Black Friday deals. Its mechanism is as follows: a new category of Black Friday 2020 in its drop-down menulist of offers from different web sites and at the end of a extensive detailed text for the most curiousThe classic countdown at the beginning of the landing.  

In fact, this text highlights aspects such as buying tipsBlack Friday discounts, companies offering discounts on Black Friday, differences between stores online y offlineThe event, how we experienced this event in Spain and more, details that can be very useful for the user.

The information is grouped in sub-sections, with links to the different stores shown as examples and well-distributed boldface type for a more user-friendly layout. easier and more dynamic reading Undoubtedly, your compilation strategy will be of great use to customers at this major event, with the detail of the countdown to hurry up the most anxious ones.


This famous stationery, technology and culture store has joined the initiative to announce the surprises that will be waiting for its visitors during the Black Friday 2020 It begins with an eye-catching countdown as a headerfollowed by numerous offerings from Samsung, Nintendo Switch or Apple.

It continues with a brief text about Black Friday 2020 and a sample catalog of most relevant products on offer divided into sectionsThe product lines: stationery, computers, video games, etc., with only one product line per section to facilitate mobile browsing.

At the end of the landingOnce again, we find a somewhat more extensive text with a well-defined structure in sections and a division by product categories that link to the offers highlighted in each section. 

As you can see, a landing very colorful, orderly and practical with only one purpose: that we enjoy this Black Friday 2020 at its best. ecommerce.

6. El Corte Ingles

Another classic that could not be missing is El Corte Inglés, with a landing more informational.  In this case, El Corte Inglés has opted for two elements: advertisements in your home and a landing that stands out in searches. All this combined with the promotion of its app and a call to action for customers on its "8 days of gold", consisting of special offers leading up to Black Friday 2020. 

On its home page we can already find Black Friday 2020 offers focused exclusively on its technology products, in addition to other non-Black Friday offers in other sectors. 

They do not have a specific Black Friday 2020 category, but have instead opted for a content strategy focused at the textual levelwith expanded information on the origin of Black Friday, what to expect on its website in the run-up to the event, links to product categories integrated within the text for added relevance and a final mention to Cyber Monday 2020 (the day known as Black Friday "hangover")

7. Electrocosto

As a final cherry on top of this list of landingswe wanted to incorporate this pleasant surprise in terms of ecommerce from the hand of Electrocosto. Probably this landing be one of the most extensive and elaborate that we can find for the Black Friday 2020 event..

And it contains everything: a special category Black Friday 2020, two lines of presentation, distribution by categories of products on offer and a very large text divided into sections with direct links so that the customer can go directly to the information he is interested in without the need to make scroll unnecessary.

All accompanied by images, marks and, in short, a very visually attractive presentation with a very extensive, but orderly and perfectly distributed text. 

Tips strategic for landings for Black Friday 2020

As we have already seen in the previous examples, the ecommercein addition to seeking a higher conversion rate ahead of Black Friday 2020, they are paving the way for a better positioning in search engines for the big event. Whether with a striking design, quality information or very juicy offers, the truth is that it is a job that requires time and effort, with very colorful results as you have been able to see. 

Still, for those of you who have been left behind, we are going to highlight some of the most important products that you can find in the market.strategic ips to take into account during Black Friday 2020, which will surely help you to improve your positioning and to increase visits to your website:

  • Create a specific category in your main menuis a very popular element in online stores, mainly because by placing it in such a relevant place as your menu, search engines will give much more relevance to that content. Sites like Chollometro or Amazon are examples of application.
  • Promote your offers with ads and on the homeremember that the home is the showcase of your virtual store, so all those who decide to take a look at your website will find it very useful if you present them with some juicy offers so that they stay longer on your site and take advantage of your discounts.
  • Set a countdownas we already talked about in our post about SEO positioning strategies during Black FridayIncluding a countdown increases the excitement of buying, the rush, the urgency to get your best offer. Including one at the beginning, as in the case of FNAC, will arouse curiosity to see your content.
  • Divide your Black Friday specific products into categoriesgiants such as Amazon and Electrocosto have applied this tip very well. Whether the customer is looking for offers in a specific sector (technology, as we have already mentioned, is very attractive at this time of the year), or if they are looking for offers of some kind (such as coupons or "less than 20€"), ordering your content by categories will not only give you relevance, but will help your visitor to navigate better.
  • Write an elaborated and careful text with relevant information.including a long, well laid out and organized text, as in the case of Electrocosto or PC Componentes, will help you a lot to give importance to your content through keywords and links to other sections of your website. Many people, besides looking for deals, are also looking for information about the Black Friday event itself. If you include this information in your landingThe user will see it in a very positive light.

Also keep in mind that, given the current epidemiological situation, many users will opt to purchase via onlineso take great care with the presentation in your ecommerce and you will succeed in this Black Friday 2020.   Have you already applied these tips in your landingsDid you like our examples? If you can think of any more, let us know in the comments!

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