The 7 recommended SEO modules for PrestaShop

If you have an ecommerce, you will know how important it is to carry out a good SEO work that allows you to increase your online visibility, organic traffic and conversion rate. To do so, modules are your best allies. With the high competition in the online world, only those sites that are well optimized will reach the top positions in Google. 

When it comes to choosing which SEO modules to install, many doubts may arise because there is a wide range of them and you do not always have enough knowledge to choose one. 

But don't worry, as SEO agencyWe work with these tools on a daily basis and today we want to tell you which are our favorites. In this article we talk about the top SEO modules for Prestashop and what benefits they will bring to your online store.

1 Module to make redirects in PrestaShop

301, 302, 303 URLs and 404 redirects - SEO

prestashop redirects module

Redirects are an essential part of SEO management, either because of 404 errors or because of the need to effectively direct visitors to new pages. For this purpose, the 301, 302, 303 URLs and 404 redirects - SEO will help you in the daily management of your ecommerce.

The first thing that stands out is that with this PrestaShop module you will be able to perform all types of redirects (301, 302 or 303) in an easy and intuitive way.. In addition, you will have full control over all the redirects you have made over time, as you will be able to edit or delete redirects at any time from your back office. 

2 Removing the ID from URLs in PrestaShop

Pretty URLs

module remove id urls presta

With the module Pretty URL you will be able to optimize the URLs of your online store and make them more user-friendly. 

This module deletes product IDs/numbers, categories and manufacturer names of your URLs, so that they are easy to read for both users and Google. This will help you to significantly improve the readability and accessibility of your website.

In addition, the module performs automatic 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new ones, facilitating the migration to friendlier URLs.

3 Optimizing Meta Tags automatically in PrestaShop

SEO Meta Tags Manager: 

webp image module

One of the most common errors that we encounter in the SEO audits is the presence of duplicate meta titles or URLs without meta description. With this module, that's over.

With SEO Meta Tags Manager you can easily edit and/or generate SEO meta tagsin the categories and pages as well as in the products. You will also be able to configure the ALT tags of the images.

This module works with fully customizable and configurable patternsThis allows you to edit products according to categories or select specific sections of your website without affecting the rest.

4 Module to clear the cache in your ecommerce

Page Cache Ultimate

delete presta cache

Clearing the cache of your website is an essential task for provide good performance and navigation experience to the user. The module strategy Page Cache Ultimateis to cache the entire page to ensure extremely fast loading speed. In addition, the cache is automatically refreshed when changes are made to the backofficeThis facilitates management.

This PrestaShop module not only improve the speed of your ecommerceIt also provides statistics showing the efficiency of the cache, allowing you to evaluate its performance.

5 Structured data module

Automatic integration of Rich Snippets JSON-LD

prestashop json structured data module

Introducing structured data into your online store is a key strategy to improve your web positioning. These help search engines better understand the content of your pages, categories and products.

The module Automatic integration of Rich Snippets JSON-LD makes this task fast, simple and automatic. The key advantage of this module is that it uses the information you already have stored in Prestashop.eliminating the need to add information manually. However, you have the flexibility to modify its behavior through configuration and customization.

With him, you can add all structured data that your ecommerce needs, from Breadcrumblist, Organization, LocalBusiness, Product to Review or ItemList.

6 Convert images to WebP for best performance 

Image: WebP, Compress, Zoom, Lazy load, Alt &More

webp images module 1

Image compression is fundamental to improve the loading speed of your sitewhich in turn improves the user experience and your search engine rankings. With Image: WebP, Compress, Zoom, Lazy load, Alt &More you will be able to compress an unlimited number of images in a simple way.

One of the most outstanding features of this module is its ability to convert your .JPEG and .PNG images to Google WebP format. This ensures that your images load quickly and efficiently in browsers that support it, while sending compressed images to browsers that do not, such as Safari and Internet Explorer.

It also generates ALT tags automatically for your images, which improves the accessibility and SEO of your ecommerce. It also offers the deferred loading functionality (lazy load), which loads images as users need them, further reducing your site's load time.

7 Module to set canonicals in PrestaShop

Canonical SEO URLs + Google Hreflang Pro

module canonicals presta

Using canonical URLs is essential to avoid duplicate content and to indicate to search engines which page is the "original" page. In particular, it is advisable to use them on a website with similar versions of content that can be accessed through different URLs, such as the size or color variation of a product.

With the module Canonical SEO URLs + Google Hreflang Pro you can automatically add canonical URLs to all product, category and category avoid (or solve) the dreaded duplicate content. 

In addition, it offers the option of add the hreflang tagwhich is essential to inform Google about the specific languages or regions your pages are targeting. 

Why use SEO modules in your ecommerce?

  1. Advanced site architecture analysis: You will be able to provide search engines with a detailed organization of your ecommerce. In this way, we establish a logical and coherent structure, making it easier for search engines to understand the hierarchy of your pages and how they are related to each other.
  2. Complete control of on-page SEOSEO modules give you precise control over aspects such as meta tags, image alt tags, link structure, among others, to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines and offers a good user experience.
  3. Increase your online visibility: you will improve the overall position of your domain, which means that more people will see your website when they search for related products or services. This can generate a significant increase in organic traffic and sales opportunities.
  4. Improves user confidenceAn optimized website not only benefits search engines, but also builds trust with users. When users find a website that loads quickly, has simple URLs and provides a comfortable and intuitive user experience, they are more likely to trust the brand and make a purchase.

The SEO modules are essential tools for your ecommerce optimizationwith which to improve your architecture, increase loading speed and have greater control over on-page SEO.

At Geotelecom we not only recognize the importance of SEO as a digital marketing agency we are, but we have a team dedicated to it. So, if you are looking to improve the visibility of your ecommerce, attract quality traffic and increase your sales, don't hesitate to get to know our SEO services, contact us and start working on your SEO today!

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