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Youtube Advertising

Many of our clients and followers (if you don't follow us on Twitter and FB you have no forgiveness) ask us if it is possible to run YouTube advertising campaigns in AdWords, and if these strategies are viable for SMBs. The answer is: YES! Below we unravel the video channel that is gradually unseating TV, so you can understand it better and apply it to your Ecommerce.

Why use YouTube as a marketing strategy?

The real question that an entrepreneur linked to the online world should ask himself is... And why not? Here is a list of the advantages that investing in one of the most popular most popular social networkson YouTube Advertising:

  1. YouTube is, after all, like having your own little TV channel. It is a incredible opportunity to develop your Brand Notoriety And best of all, branding growth, as we will explain later, is measurable. You won't have the typical advertiser trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
  2. Potential customers will be more attentive to your advertising.. The users of this channel (I suppose the same thing happens to you) have a more active predisposition when viewing content on YouTube. These are topics that they themselves choose and, therefore, it is easier for them to identify with your advertising in this medium. Keep in mind that YouTube promotes on average 1 ad for every hour of content, on TV there are 16 minutes of ads per hour of content (a much higher saturation).
  3. Can't sell your product to young people? YouTube is your channel. According to official Google sources, Internet already has higher penetration among the under 44s than TV itself. Young people no longer watch TV. Image Source: Google
  4. Brutal segmentation possibilitiesthe numbers speak for themselves. According to Google 1.3 M people log on to YouTube daily, 1 M of them "logged in". what does it mean that they are logged in? Basically that we know all about you. We can target advertising campaigns according to Tastes, Affinities, Intentions and Events that occur in their life (life events)... To give you an idea, we can choose to impact a family that is moving at the moment with videos of a design furniture store, for example. Aim and shoot at your target.

In case we haven't convinced you .... YouTube is the video viewing platform that accumulates more hours online, each user accumulates about 9 hours per month of views on average. In addition, unlike other channels, the audibility of your content is guaranteed, unlike FB, which only activates audio if your users choose it voluntarily.

YouTube video formats.

To help you choose the one that best suits your business, here is a list of the formats you can choose from:

True ViewThe most common and accessible to small/medium sized businesses. They are characterized by CPV (cost per display) payment between 0.03 -0.06 cents.


In-Stream: You only pay when the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video, or the entire ad if it lasts less than 30 seconds. Be careful! The user can skip the video after 5 seconds if he/she is not "hooked", what some call engagement ;). True View Remarketing: This strategy is based on re-engaging users who have been on your website with YouTube ads. Imagine the power this can have if we re-impact with a discount, for example.

Bumper ads: These are small 6-second ads that cannot be avoided. The user sees them whether he wants to or not. True View ShoppingThis option offers the possibility to display the product cards of your catalog within your own YouTube ads. In this way, users can see in a more detailed way the image and the particularities of your products.

Payment by Exhibition: There are other types of advertising formats on YouTube in which you have to pay for the estimated exposure or simply to occupy certain space in a specific place. These are: Video Ads (similar to In-Stream videos but with pay per impression) Display Ads (animated and static) and Mastheads (see image below).

Measuring results in Youtube campaigns

We come to the point that creates the most controversy and is the most complicated to explain to clients. To be able to explain the measurement of results in Youtube advertising two things must be understood:

Video campaigns, as is the case with display campaigns, are characterized by being powerful SALES ASSISTANTS and have a secondary role in finalizing transactions, as opposed to what happens with Google Shopping and search network that are indeed finalizers. As mentioned above, it is also a tool that will help us to develop our brand awareness considerably.

Google Adwords has not yet optimized the measurement of video campaign results in its interface.. We will only know which sales they have participated in if they are clicked, not if the user views the ad.

Therefore, some of the KPIs we use for Shopping or search networks will not be useful to calculate the results of this type of advertising.

Two ways to measure:

  1. Being a assistant channelGoogle Analytics, whose attribution model is the last click, will not award the sales in which our video campaigns have participated either because users have clicked on our ad or simply viewed it. This means that we will notice a increased results (revenue, traffic) in the Organic and Direct channel. It is important in this aspect to note the day on which we start the campaigns and analyze the evolution of our metrics from that moment. What metrics are important to analyze in Analytics: Users, New Users, Sessions, % Bounce, Average Session Duration.
  2. Brand LiftTrueView: is a product provided by Google for exclusive use through Google Partners. It is a study or survey that allows advanced measurement of the results of TrueView campaigns.

How does the Brand Lift work?

Google's technology creates two random groups of users, the first ones will be exposed to your ads and the second ones will see other ads, those of your competitors.

Then, by means of a complex system of surveys and analysis of organic searches of the selected subjects, databases will be created to calculate the results of each group. Finally, a comparison will be made between both groups and the results will be extracted.

Who can access this tool?

As previously mentioned, the first requirement is to be Google Partner Agency. In addition, depending on the type and amount of information you want to obtain, a minimum investment in video campaigns of between €3,500 and €10,500 per week is mandatory.

What information will I get?

Vital information to know the effectiveness of your advertising strategy.

Image Source: Google

For more info click here: Brand Lift

How to Make Youtube Advertising Videos

Let's remember that YouTube ads are characterized by offering the possibility of avoiding their exposure after 5 seconds or by having a very limited duration (bumper ads).

For this reason, we recommend that your ads contain the following characteristics in its first 5 seconds:

  1. AttractionCatch the user right from the start with an attention-grabbing sound, a thrilling opening scene, a pretty or familiar face, a humorous punch?
  2. Your brand must appearIf it is in a creative and natural way, so much the better.
  3. Connect with your audience: humor and suspense are ingredients that can't be missing in a good YouTube ad, they will help you connect emotionally with your potential customers.
  4. Use calls to action and the overlay options that Youtube such as Google Shooping video campaigns.

These are the details that you have to take into account and that should push you to invest in YouTube. YouTube works for us, what about you? Don't hesitate to share your experiences.


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