Goodbye, Google AdWords! Google Ads, the hit of the summer.

The Google universe lives in continuous renewal, it is public and notorious. The novelties are a continuum in the digital environment and Google is usually the protagonist of many of them. If the new Google AdWords interface was already a change for those of us who manage campaigns, the one coming in the next few weeks is even bigger: Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.

Google Ads, much more than AdWords.

What we have known until now as Google AdWords will now be called Google AdsWhy this change now? It is worth noting that Google's advertising platform is now almost 2 decades old (yes, it has come of age). Since its origin, many things have changed: Remarketing, ShoppingDisplay, YouTube and a long etcetera of possibilities. Thus, the new name Google Ads refers to the set of tools contained in this platform. Do you want to place ads on Google? Then Google Ads, it's that simple! 😀

Beyond the name change, Google is launching a series of integrations and new functionalities. The new AdWords interface already reflects some of these changes. Recently, we saw new conversion actions: phone calls, store visits or requesting directions on Maps. So what changes? Beyond the brandingimages in logos and changes in URLs; campaign management and performance will be the same as it has been up to now.

Google Marketing Platform, one step further.

The reshaping of Google's advertising ecosystem is not limited to AdWords. Some of the features of DoubleClick y Analitycs 360 will be included in Google Marketing Platform. In addition, Google has introduced 360° Display & Video to create and track these campaigns from the same platform. In short, it integrates analytical functions with marketing functions. With this integration, the company wants to help plan, measure and optimize the customer experience on a single platform.

Google Marketing Platform
Google Marketing Platform

Google's turn, how much does it get up and running?

Google has already warned: the July 10 (if there is no umpteenth change), the new interface of AdWords Ads. Google's new advertising platform is scheduled to be gradually rolled out during the month of July. However, it will be the July 24 when the name change officially takes place. In other words, the return from vacation is going to be very entertaining for those who work with these platforms. Who said post-vacation syndrome? Once again, it's time to get up to speed in order to offer the best customer service. Are you ready? Our team, as always, fully updated.

Do not hesitate to contact us! 😉

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