AdWords Security: Protect your Accounts!

Are your AdWords accounts safe? The security in AdWords is worthy of contempt but in many cases it is relagated to a less important position. Most of the times the agency and the client separately think that the email to access the AdWords account depends on the other part.

The thing is that the intrusion of strangers in the AdWords accounts are greater are greater. The result isn't just the damage these strangers can cause within the accounts, but also the insecurity and mistrust it might cause.

Google immediately sends an email to inform the owner of the account about the illegal access. Moreover, Google initially stops the whole account and study the specific case, with the delay and trouble it implies. Once Google detects the "infected" account and the campaigns in which the changes have been made,it stops these campaigns and delete them (the state of the campaigns turns to be: "x deleted").

After that, the campaigns cannot be activated again and the access permissions of the account are completely removed. If that happened, it would be necessary to rebuild a new campaign from the beginning with all the harm it can cause regarding the loss of time and mainly the loss of the past information of the campaign and its quality levels.

How to increase the security in AdWords

Most of the times, these intrusive accesses are made through accounts in which the clients (and not the agencies or account managers) might have given edition permissionsin which the 2-step verification security offered by Google was not activated.This security guarantees a safe access to each of our accounts, not just to AdWords but to gmail and to the rest of Google tools at your disposal. Security recommendations proposed by Google:

  1. Use an updated antivirus
  2. Change the Google account password, choosing strong and unique passwords and updating them from time to time.
  3. Set up the 2-step verification

Besides, we also recommend all our clients to established the following additional security measures in the AdWord account level, they are really simple and effective:

  1. Give just read rightsto all the users that aren't going to make modifications in the account. There are manyAdWords accounts with many edition permissions but: does it make sense when those users are not going to modify the account? No, it doesn't. What really matters is that the risks of suffering illegal access increase exponentially.
  2. Examine the accesses periodically to guarantee the AdWords security.

Imagine someone accesses your AdWords account and modifies the most profitable campaign you have... following these simple steps you avoid it! As a Digital Marketing Agency, we recommend our mates to examine the access permissions each new account has and to talk to the client about the steps explained above to guarantee a great security in AdWords. How do you protect your AdWords accounts?

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