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At Geotelecom, we are dedicated to propel your business to success in the world of digital marketing. How do we do it? With SEM strategies that are tailor-made for you, using both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

If you want to increase your online presence and grow your business, contact us and start now your way in Google advertising.

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Why count on SEM professionals?

Experience and expertise

Our team has extensive experience in managing campaigns in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.


We know the best practices and strategies to optimize your ads and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Personalization of campaigns

Every business is unique, and our strategies are designed specifically to meet your company's needs and objectives. From initial setup to ongoing optimization, we make sure your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

Ongoing analysis and optimization

We constantly monitor the performance of your campaigns, making adjustments and optimizations to continuously improve results. This ensures that your advertising investment is used efficiently and effectively.

Google Ads campaigns and how they can grow your business

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Performance Max

This campaign is designed to maximize performance across multiple channels and platforms, using Google's artificial intelligence to optimize your ads in real time and reach your target audience at the right time.

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Demand Gen

O Demand Generation. Aimed at increasing brand awareness and capturing qualified leads. Use a combination of display, video and search ads to generate interest in your products or services.

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Search ads are displayed in Google search results when users search for terms related to your business. They are ideal to capture potential customers with purchase intent and increase conversions.

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These ads are displayed on a network of Google partner websites, reaching a wide audience as they browse the web. They are effective for increasing brand awareness and generating interest in your products or services.

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With YouTube ads, you can reach your audience through relevant and engaging videos. You can segment your ads according to your audience's interests and behaviors, increasing your brand's visibility and generating engagement.

How we work in the SEM department

As an SEM agency we offer you a service that maximizes the potential of your online presence through advertising on Google and other search engines. Our comprehensive approach is based on a meticulous and results-oriented process, from the initial audit to the continuous analysis of the results.


We perform a detailed audit of your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising account to identify areas for improvement. We analyze your current configuration, campaign history, ad group structure, keywords...


De develop a customized proposal with recommendations and strategies to improve the performance of your campaigns. Every aspect of the proposal is aligned with your business objectives and advertising budget.

Set up

We get to work to configure and optimize your campaigns in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. We make sure that from the audience segmentation to the bidding configuration, everything is correctly worked out. 


We monitor the performance of your campaigns closely, making adjustments and optimizations in real time to improve the relevance, quality and effectiveness of your ads. We guarantee a good use of your advertising budget.

Analysis of results

We make sure you can measure and understand the impact of our strategies. We perform an exhaustive analysis of the results of your campaigns, providing you with detailed reports and recommendations for future actions.

Beyond ads and Google advertising

In addition to performing campaigns and ads on Googlewe also carry out social media advertisingwhere interaction and engagement are key to building lasting relationships with your audience.

In addition, we are not only a SEM agencybut we are also an important SEO agency where we work on your web positioning in a strategic way so that your clients can find you easily.

At Geotelecom, we are committed to being your digital marketing agency 360º, we are here to catapult your brand to digital success, contact us today!

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