6 Alternatives to Google Ads and Facebook Ads

1. Twitter Ads:

Perhaps one of the most overlooked social networks in terms of advertising. It is an ideal channel for those who want to achieve more than just sales performance. It has a very high interaction rate, which can be very interesting for certain business models. These ads generally offer a high interaction rate, so if the objective is to generate brand awareness, it is a great channel to achieve it. It also has a low competitiveness so bids are usually low and therefore with a small budget you can do a lot of things.  

2. Snapchat Ads:

Another social network with a lot of potential and which we consider to be little exploited. Similar to Twitter, it has a high rate of interaction and gives rise to very original advertising campaigns. It is ideal for reaching a younger audience, since the users of this platform are not usually people between 13 and 34 years of age. So it is very easy to find the user profile we want. Many big brands have made campaigns with this social network with a great deal of success, creating personalized filters that users can interact with and offering exclusive and ephemeral offers. They even offer insider information on new products.

3. Linkedin Ads

The professional social network par excellence. Here you will find experts from many sectors and it can be a great place to connect with very specific users. The strongest point of this social network is perhaps the wide range of segmentation options it offers when it comes to targeting our ads, as it has millions of user data and some of them are not found in other social networks such as current and past employment and studies. Some of the most exclusive segmentations to this social network are the following:

  • Cargo
  • Titles
  • Company size
  • Job function
  • Length of service
  • University
  • Years of Experience
  • Academic Disciplines

But not everything is positive for this social network as far as advertisers are concerned, since it has a very big disadvantage and that is the high investment required to start making Linkedin Ads.

Besides that it has a very complex interface and at the beginning it can be very confusing. You also have to be very careful because it is very easy to spam with the segmentation you choose and that will lead to a very low CTR. Therefore, we would only recommend this social network to those users who are looking to capture leads and have a generous budget or a very high CPA.  

4. Tik Tok Ads

Here we enter the less known advertising platforms in Spain but very interesting for some users. With a target audience between 13 and 25 years old, this social network has a very different operation from the rest, and therefore the ads must be different from the rest as well, usually looking for maximum user interaction with advertising.

That is why many big brands choose to create customized challenges to their brand such as "who can change a bicycle wheel the fastest" and publish the best ones and also offer them some reward in exchange for it. Their focus is to get people talking about the company. So it's a great social network to improve brand recognition, although as far as direct sales through the app's ads are concerned they don't work very well.

It has a high interaction rate, high CTR but in terms of direct sales it tends to be weaker. So if you are considering making Tik Tok ads, keep in mind that its maximum potential comes when you want to get interaction with the brand.  

5. Spotify Ads

Another advertising platform with a lot of potential which not everyone is taking the full potential it offers, also in large part to the limited support by Spotify in Spain. Here we find some segmentation options based on musical tastes, something very interesting and very niche.

The operation of Spotify Ads, to start working requires a minimum investment of € 3,000 per month, and is charged by CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Depending on the type of ad you want to make, you will be charged differently. In addition, 2€ will be charged for each segmentation that you want to add. For example, if you want to publish a wedge, it would be 40€ to get 1,000 impressions, this would be a cost per impression of 0.04€. Without taking into account possible segmentations that you want to add.

Having these barriers to entry, it should be noted that it allows us to segment very well where we want to go out and to which public we want to impact and we must also take into account that these ads can not be skipped at any time. As usual in these platforms, reports and statistics are usually quite limited and usually only shows interaction data such as impressions, ctr, etc ... In terms of performance are quite limited.  

6. Twitch Ads

This is a channel focused on 100% to display campaigns with an audience very focused on the world of video games. Since 99% of users enter this platform to watch video games. Another curious fact about this platform is the average number of hours invested in this platform, on average 58% of users invest more than 20 hours a week on this platform.

This channel is very similar to TV, since many of the users use it as such, so it must be understood in the same way as TV. It has very interesting advertising formats that are different from the rest of the platforms. The most common form of advertising and that works best is to make campaigns with streamers, for this Twitch created a format called bounty boardwhere the advertisers place their offers and it is the streamers themselves who choose to collaborate or not with them.

It is a platform that requires a great economic and time investment, since its operation is very different and it works in conjunction with streamers. This is as far as we are going to go today with advertising platforms, but we know and have worked with many more besides those mentioned above. Let us know which social network or advertising platform you use and its performance.

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