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Selling on Amazon is a perfect opportunity for those businesses that want to increase your online visibility. As in Google Shoppingon Amazon, there is also the paid positioning (CPC)which will make your products appear at the top of the search results when customers perform a search.

In carrying out Amazon Ads campaignsyou can reach a very wide and relevant audience. In addition, it will allow you to segment your advertising to a very specific audience, which will help you increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns.


Our Amazon Ads management service includes:

  • Creation of different ad formats available in Amazon Seller Central: 
    • Sponsored Products: gives remarkable visibility to the user in their buying process within Amazon by displaying products from your store in the search results and product detail pages.
    • Sponsored Brands: its main objective is to generate brand recognition. It is an ad format that displays your store's logo together with three of your store's products.
  • Exhaustive study of keywords to bid on so that your products appear when the user performs a search. 
  • Tailor-made strategy focused on results. 
  • Transparent account management. 
  • Performance reports customized to your target KPIs.

Amazon Ads campaigns: types of ads

Sponsored Products

With this type of campaign, you can promote one or several specific products on Amazon. This option allows you to choose to which product categories you want your ads to appear in and in which geographic locations.

When a user performs a search on Amazon, your ads will appear in the search results and on other relevant pages on the platform. The ads will be displayed with a "Sponsored" to let users know that it is a paid advertisement.

Sponsored Brands

If you have a registered trademark, you can use this option to promote all your branded products on Amazon. This type of campaign will help you to increase your brand recognitionIt will also attract more traffic to your Amazon profile and not to a specific product.

The campaigns Brands on Amazon give you the opportunity to quickly increase brand recognition and exposure for your product collection.

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