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How to use Facebook Audience Insights to refine your targeting?

You're probably sick of hearing: The key to Facebook Ads is segmentation.Of course... It's not even that easy! Facebook really has so many targeting options that when you start diving in, you feel more lost than an octopus in a garage. However, let's see if we can give you a hand! Hiding Facebook Audience Insights Tool is not so well known and can be very useful!

For those who have the Business Manager in Spanish, under the Plan column, you can see the 'Audience statistics'.

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

Broadly speaking, Audience Insights summarizes the following in a very visual way, all that information that we give it as users when we register our profile on the social network. And incidentally, it filters the data that we, as users, as advertisersare of interest to us.

Facebook Audience Insights interface

However, you can start filtering from the beginning between:

  • View all data for all registered users on Facebook.
  • See only data from the people who are connected to your site.
  • Or see the data from a customized audience that you have previously created.
Filtering audiences in Audience Insights

Where to start in Facebook Audience Insights?

As in everything, we start at the beginning:


We have discussed the possibility of exploring custom audiences. Imagine that you have a Email list, or, for example, with an Audience of All users of your website in the last 180 days'.indicate it and you will know the proportion of Men or Women. who are interested in your product.

Audience Demographics in Audience Insights

And you can even think about big brands of interest to your target audience (who are in the Facebook Database)Imagine that! In interests we filter by 'Mercadona' and we see that 79% of its audience are women.

You will also be able to learn about its relationship statusthe level of training and even the sector where they work! You will know them very well 🙂

Audience Insights Training

  Pages and interests

See which pages are of interest to you to the people of our city.

Facebook users in Burgos


Which regions or cities we are most interested in, we will see in the Place or Location column, of course. We can filter first the country to see more specifically the locality.


The space to draw conclusions about your users' behavior. If the your Fan Page posts are getting positive reactions, negative, ... how they access your information; whether the mobile device is relevant to them, what operating system they use,...

Audience Insights behavior

Of course, it doesn't end there. In the U.S. version, there are new possibilities as family incomeonline shopping volume, user behavior based on these purchases online, ... I don't know about you, but we are already looking forward to its arrival in Spain!

Undoubtedly, a powerful tool that we should use in our Facebook Ads strategy. A word of advice: 'test as many ad sets as different types of targeting you can think of'.Imagine your 'Buyer Persona' and address it!

What do you think about Facebook's Audience Insights Tool? Did you know about it? Have you used it so far? Tell us all your impressions about Audience Insights in the comments of our Blog, or, at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ o LinkedInWe look forward to hearing about your experience! How would you improve it?

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