SEO audits

SEO audit and organic search engine positioning

We analyze the organic positioning of your ecommerce in web search engines

We have professionals with extensive experience in the positioning of web pages and SEO strategies. We plan with our clients the necessary improvements to increase the relevance in Google and other search engines

What is an SEO audit based on?

At Geotelecom we like to provide all the information our clients need to optimize their business as much as possible. For this reason, we do not like to fall short and our audits contemplate all the fundamental aspects of SEO:

Keyword Research:

Using different tools, we will reveal which are the keywords that perform the best and what strategies to carry out to increase their quality and positioning. On the other hand, you will know the opportunities that e-commerce currently gives us in the vertical of your website to be at the level of your competition.

Analysis of your competition:

Without competition, many of the great ideas that have emerged in the world would not have come to fruition. We carry out a study of your main competition in your business niche in order to detect opportunities: analysis of your keywords, link building, usability and much more.


As in life, contacts are a fundamental aspect at work and personal level. In our audit you will be able to know your current link building status as well as you will be able to analyze which are the potential referring domains to increase the quality traffic of your website.

Indexing and crawling:

The internal part is perhaps the most important. In it we like to study your website in depth based on its architecture, tagging, metatags, directories and subdirectories, URL status and much more.

In this section you can know for sure how your website is in the eyes of SEO.


Are you one of those who thinks that an updated website is enough to generate income? Well, unfortunately for Google it is not enough. Currently, not only is an attractive website enough at the design level, but the content you give the user must be useful, concise and intelligently written in such a way that it not only contains interesting information, but also truthful.

For this reason, we analyze how the content of your website is currently and what to do to improve it. We have artificial intelligence tools for SEO that will allow us to avoid any penalty.


Are you one of those who thinks that good prices are enough for the user? The answer is also no. A friendly, intuitive and fast design are characteristics that users appreciate when entering a domain. In our audit, you will also learn about tips on how to optimize the design and performance of your website based on Google’s recommendations.

Why should you do an SEO audit?

No monthly investments or pay per click

SEO positioning allows you to improve the search for your e-commerce in Google and other search engines, without the need to invest money monthly. By creating categories and redirecting links, we increase the visibility of your website and the chances of reaching your customers.

Strategies for creating quality links

We develop personalized SEO strategies. We maintain a quality link with clear and focused URLs to position the articles and main products of your e-commerce. Once your website has been analyzed, we propose categories and subcategories to facilitate being visited by your potential clients.

We offer you a free consultation

Ask for a budget without obligation!

We offer you a free consultation

Ask for a budget without obligation!