Google Adwords Campaign Groups

We start the last four months of 2016 and Google surprises us with a new tool integrated into the interface of Google Adwords  to facilitate the analysis of the performance of our campaigns as a whole, the Campaign Groups.

The Campaign Groups will allow us to group together different campaigns of Google Adwords (video, display, search or shopping) into one and then assign objectives to be achieved together in a given period of time.

During this time, we will be able to observe the general development of this Campaigns Group The results of this analysis can provide us with relevant information on the measures to be taken individually for each one of them.

It can be very useful if, for example, you run specific campaigns for specific dates when you have a budget and general objectives for the different networks. Seeing that Black Friday is approaching, and different companies usually make an effort to provide an extra budget for these dates, it can be an ideal occasion to test the new Campaign Groups.

Campaign Groups
Campaign Groups - Configuration.

When it comes to setting performance objectives for our Campaign Group we will have to choose between "clicks" or "conversions".

  • Clicks: by setting a certain period of time, we will have to provide the system with a Average CPC objective, a number of clicks estimated objective and that budget we have available to achieve these goals.
  • Conversions: by setting a certain period of time, we will have to provide the system with a Average CPA objective, a number of conversions estimated target and what budget we have available to achieve these goals.
Campaign Groups - Objectives
Campaign Groups - Objectives

Once we have configured our Campaign Group we will be able to follow the general development of the campaigns with respect to the objectives set and even add more complementary performance objectives.

Campaign Groups - Complementary Objectives
Campaign Groups - Complementary Objectives

What do you think of the new Campaign Groups? in Geotelecom we can't wait to start using them!

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