How to create Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram?

As you may already know, carrying out remarketing at Facebook Instagram is very important as well as necessary. With this we can get or at least try to get those users who have been in our web finish the process we want them to have completed, whether it is a purchase, filling out a form, etc.

Has it ever happened to you that you have visited a website web and even added products to the cart, but you don't buy and after a few minutes when you log in to Facebook Instagram I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, this is exactly what I am going to show you how to do in this postso if you want to learn how to do it, read on!


First of all... we have to create audiences. The audiences are those groups in which we include the users that we are interested in reimpacting, in Facebook we have the advantage that we do not require a minimum of 1.000 cookies to be activated as in Google Adsbut they will always work better the more data they have.

These are just some of the types of audiences that we use in Geotelecom, depending on the traffic that has the web you can create as many audiences as you can think of: 

  1. Users of the Web: Website visitors. 
  2. Database Users: Customer information from the store's database. If you use Mailchimpyou can export it directly from there.
  3. Users of Instagram: Users who have interacted with the Instagram page.
  4. Users of Facebook: Audience that has interacted with the Facebook page.
  5. Users of the Cart (or any section of the web): Users who have gone through the cart or the section you are interested in.
  6. Similar Users: Users similar to all of the above.

How do we create these audiences from our Facebook? The 5 first hearings will be held from personalised audiencethe last of similar users we will do it from similar audience where we will have to select the audience of which we want to create a similar one, that is why first of all you have to create the customized ones.

The cart hearing (or any other section of the web) is also done from tsite traffic webbut you have to select the option of persons who have visited web specific and set the condition that the URL must contain the site parameter web corresponding to the cart page (or whatever you want to make the audience):

I must add that when you create the audiences to make remarketing at Facebook e InstagramYou can do this by placing the days that interest you in the duration of the affiliation, i.e. you set the days on which you want the users to be found, for example, in the image above you can see that in that audience would be the users who have visited the shopping cart page in the past few years last 30 days; This is where you can create as many audiences as the duration of affiliation you set.


Once you have identified and created all the audiences you are interested in retargeting, you can create campaigns of remarketing for Facebook e Instagram. To do this you have to go to the ad manager of your Facebook and create a new campaign, the target you have to choose is catalog sales

In Geotelecom what we usually do is to create a campaign for each audience we want to retarget and create as many sets of ads as affiliate durations we apply to the audiences. Surely you are wondering what this means, don't worry, with the following images it will be clearer: 

Is this better? As part of the user campaign of the web we have created a set of ads for each audience duration. In the configuration of the ad set you have to add the audience corresponding to that set, for example, in the ad set of web users 60 days, you will find the audience of web users 60 days.

In this case we have excluded users in order to have them controlled separately, since they are inside the all website visitors are also those who have gone through cart.


When you have the campaigns with their respective ad sets created, it's time to show how creative you are in the ads. This is where you have to "convince" the user to make the conversion. It is recommended that for each set of ads you have, you should create 3 advertisements very different to test what works best, for example:

  • By placing offer in the title and in the copy adding free shipping.
  • Showing more than one image and placing free shipping on the images.
  • Placing rebates before the product title.

Do not forget to use generic copys since they will work for all products. And don't forget to use emoticons, which work very well on Facebook ?

I know that at first glance it can be a bit complicated. I leave you an image as a summary that I hope can help you a little more:

What are you waiting for to start testing the remarketing at Facebook e Instagram? If you have any questions when it comes to getting started or want to let me know how the campaign is performing, leave me a comment! ?

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