The best CMS for your eCommerce

Currently, one of the most active sectors is e-commerce. The advance of technology, new consumer habits and also the confinement situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have boosted the growth of e-commerce sales. According to the report "situation and outlook for retail e-commerce" of EAE business schoolE-commerce will account for more than 15% of world trade.

The forecasts for the coming years are good and many sectors have focused on e-commerce as an opportunity to publicize their products through this digital channel.

If you've got the bug to launch into e-commerce, you'll have to take into account the system you'll use to manage all your online content, so in this post we're going to show you the best CMS for e-commerce.




It is one of the most popular CMS. It works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that you don't need to install anything on your computer because it is in the cloud.

It allows you to create a very attractive store, visually and quite easily..

It has easy to use templates and a multitude of plugins or extensions that will allow you to customize the page to your liking. Shopify allows to have a store operational in a short time, but we also have to take into account the price:

  • Basic Plan (29$/month): Simple. You can create unlimited products and categories.
  • Shopify Plan (79$/month): You can create discount codes and also performance reports. Allows selling in 2 languages.
  • Advanced Plan: (299$): If you have a large business with different suppliers, this plan allows you to calculate shipping costs with each one and also to expand to 5 languages and less commission per sale.

*To this plan you must add the fee according to the chosen plan for each payment you receive by credit card.




This CMS is very adaptable to small and medium-sized companies. It is free software and is characterized by its easy installation and management. It has the ability to host large product catalogs. To further customize your online store has a variety of modules, yes, most are paid.

With PrestaShop you can have the full control of your web configuration. It offers the possibility to create discount coupons and configure the different payment options.

It has partnerships with global brands such as Google, Mail Chimp, PayPal or Facebook that develop their services for this platform.

To learn more information about PrestaShopIn our blog we have some very interesting entries. 




It is a complex CMS designed for advanced profiles and large companies. Specific for online stores and has a free version of open source and paid. Undoubtedly, it is the most complete of all the managers, but its management is not available to everyone. If you do not know programming, it will be difficult to get good performance. However, it offers greater scalability, customization and good loading capacity.

It is very oriented to American users, being the undisputed leader of North American online stores.

It is true that it offers many options, but it is designed for more experienced users and large companies.




It is a own WordPress plugin which allows the creation of e-commerce. It should be noted that WordPress has nearly 65% of CMS market share.

Having this type of manager for the creation of your online store is a small advantage over other CMS. Simply, you must have a website on the WordPress platform.

It is an ideal tool for companies that are just starting out in the world of e-commerce.

Its handling is very simple and intuitive if you are a regular user WordPress, since it is also based on templates and you can modify absolutely everything.

It has a wide range of plugins and offers many possibilities to work on SEO.

Most of the options offered by this platform are free, but don't forget the web hosting and some themes or extensions that you choose that may make you pay for them.

In this article, you will find a basic guide to WordPress that will get you out of hard times. 


Conclusions for choosing your ideal CMS

If you are just starting out, when choosing a content management system for an online store, we recommend that you consider the following concepts:

  • Simplicity: The tool should be easy to use if you are just starting out and should not be difficult to familiarize yourself with.
  • Customization: To be able to adjust the store to your taste and to the taste of the different users.
  • Good performance: A CMS that is agile and does not cause access or loading speed problems.
  • SEO: Being able to work well in this section will help search engines find your content.
  • Cost: Take into account the value of your store and the economic capacity you have.

In this blog, we have given you some basic notions about the Most popular CMS for e-commerce and standardized on the market. Now, depending on your needs, we encourage you to choose the most suitable option for your online store. Each platform can adapt better than the other to your business and digital skills.

In Geotelecom, we will help you choose the best CMS for your business. If you are also thinking of making a CMS change, do not miss our service of SEO migration. Our professionals will help you not to lose positioning when making the change. 

And remember that as a digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce you can contact with us without any commitment.



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