Beta add audiences at Adwords campaign level

Today we found a surprise in one of our accounts!

How many times have you encountered this time-consuming problem when you have an infinite number of ad groups in a campaign?


Both for creating and pasting audiences in Google AdwordsWe had to work at ad group level, otherwise it was impossible for us. However, it seems that our friends at Google have heard our complaints...


As you can see, we now have an active option of adding audiences at the campaign level or ad group. When we only had two or three ad groups, it didn't take us too much time to do this operation... but what about those times when we had more than ten ad groups?


But this great novelty does not stop there, now we can also campaign level the audiences we copy from another campaign or another ad group. After performing the action we will be shown a help box that will give us the option to include the bids and settings already established, pause the audiences after pasting them and choose the type of segmentation.

If we opt for the default settings (as long as there is no active audience in that campaign) a "Bid Only" targeting will be set for Shopping and Search campaigns, and "Targeting and Bidding" for Video and Display campaigns. There are no more excuses not to do this. Remarketing!

The truth is that for our part we have saved ourselves from doing copy-paste more than 50 times on this account thanks to this new feature, thanks Google! Now we just have to wait for it to be extended to all accounts...let's hope it won't take too long!]]>]]>]]>]]>

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