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Google Adwords Goals and New Features 4th Quarter

In Geotelecom we love to be up to date. For this reason today we bring you betas and new features in Google AdWords for this fourth quarter. We can tell you that from now on, anything new developed by Google for AdWords, you must be managed from the new interface (AdWords beta). Let's get to the news:

1- Changes in the Display campaigns oriented to Gmail:

As we well know, when we created Display campaigns and selected the keywords we wanted to use as targeting for Gmail, these were tracked in users' emails, allowing us to impact them with the ads we had created.

It may not be active until the end of this fourth quarter, but it will Google stops crawling keywords in the emails of Gmail users. In return we can use strategies such as remarketing, interests and any segmentation available in the Display network campaigns.  

2- CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) oriented Display Campaigns:

They have been launched very recently and the results in the US have been very positive. These Display campaigns allow us to set the cost that will have for us to make a conversion. Remember that this type of campaign can only be created from the new Adwords interface. We must bear in mind that, as of today, this type of campaigns can only be created from the new Adwords interface. campaign is the only one using Machine Learning Google, which is becoming more advanced every day.  

3- Promotion Extensions:

With these new extensions, as their name indicates, we will be able to add promotions such as discounts to the advertisement (monetary or percentage), couponsetc. To make this extension even more powerful, they will allow us to choose certain occasions of the year such as Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Cyber Monday o Black Friday, among others.

By adding any of the opportunities offered by Google, our promotion extension will be displayed as follows:  

4- YouTube True View for Action:

"True View For Action" is going to be a new option that Youtube campaigns will offer us, which will allow us to enter at the end of the video of our choice calls to action which, in turn, will allow us to direct the user to the URL we want. It will also be possible to downloadAPPs, along with other functionalities.

5- YouTube Store Locations:

We return to YouTube, and this channel is gaining even more weight if possible. With the Store Locations option we will be able to enter a YouTube location extension of our nearest physical store. In this way, we will be able to direct users who have shown interest in a similar product or service to our business. The essential requirements are:

  • Video related to our product or service to show the location of our nearest store.
  • At least 30 establishment listings in Google My Businesses.

6- Modifications in daily budgets:

For those of us who are familiar with AdWords, it's not news to us, but as it already did with Enhanced CPC, Google has established that the daily budget of a campaign can be up to duplicate in one day. According to what we are told, this will not affect the monthly total that we have established, since it will be readjusted throughout the month.  

7- Live Events

Live Events for Display and Youtube campaigns will allow us to target our campaigns to users who are close to important dates such as:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Removals

They will also soon include new segmentations to target our campaigns, such as the birth of the First Child. It is recommended that Live Events be used in conjunction with other types of targeting to achieve better results.  

8- Destination Pages:

Within the new AdWords interface we can find a new section called landing page or landing pages. This new tool will to allow A/B testing of any page of the website. This way we can compare, if we show different landing pages for the same product (for example) to see which one works better and which one we should redesign.  

As we all know, the world of digital marketing changes daily, and these are the main new features we have compiled. Have you already tried any of these new features? Do you know of any other new AdWords features? Leave us your comments here. Geotelecom, always up to date.

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