Black Friday 2020: Best practices in Google Ads to make a big splash

In the previous post we told you all about how this Black Friday is expected to be. Spoiler alertIt's going to be crazy. Below is an image that shows the forecasts made by Google:

In this context, it is more important than ever that we elaborate a proper strategy for our Google Ads campaigns, with enough time and foresight. These are the points you cannot overlook in your campaign planning:

Increased web traffic

The strategies of remarketing are essential throughout the year, but at this time of year, they become especially important. Users start searching weeks before Black Friday, trying to decide which product has the best conditions and meets their needs. This year searches have started even earlier than in previous years, so having visibility and being well positioned is the first step to be in the consumer's mind on Black Friday. Launch campaigns with this objective in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, both Display and YouTube, and help them fill your lists of remarketing.

Search network campaigns

It is also time to adapt the entire search network to Black Friday promotions: from Shopping to search campaigns. In Shopping, we can enrich the feed and make our products more eye-catching by inserting rules that highlight the specific discount of each product.
In search campaigns it is essential to adapt the ads and extensions, so that all channels have a unified message and our promotions reach as many users as possible. Apart from this, and closely related to the previous point, we can create specific campaigns with generic terms that at another time of the year would not make sense, but that become a fundamental part of the strategy if we want to increase visibility and attract traffic to the web.

Display and Youtube campaigns

By adding our promotions to the search network, we can deliver them to those users who are actively searching, but what about those who are not actively searching? The customer journey of usersis increasingly complex and many channels are part of it. That is why having a presence in different networks ensures greater coverage and allows us to reach our potential customers, regardless of the moment in which they are.
To achieve this coverage, we can target our YouTube and Display campaigns to both our lists of remarketing as well as audiences in the market, intent, etc. In this way, we will be able to reach a large number of users through relatively low CPCs and we will have a campaign strategy with high coverage and notoriety.

Internal databases

We cannot forget about this type of audience: the users in our databases are users who know us and, in many cases, have already made a purchase on our website, and deserve to be treated differently. Do not underestimate the power of uploading these lists to the Google Ads platform and offer a different message to these users that encourages them to return to make a transaction on your website. e-commerce.
If you put these tips into practice, you're sure to be a winner this year on Black Friday. If you know of any other good practice that we haven't mentioned, don't hesitate to post it in the comments, we'll be happy to read it!]]>

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