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Succeed this Black Friday with Marketing Automation

Black Friday is just around the corner and many websites or platforms are already starting to prepare their online marketing strategies to take advantage of this time of the year. During these dates so important for e-commerce, it is important to take into account marketing automation, but do you really know what it is or how to get the most out of it to make your Black Friday a great one? We explain it to you below!

The marketing automation or marketing automation is the use of software to perform marketing actions in an automated way and control all your onsite and offsite actions from a centralized and interrelated platform. Thanks to this, a company can carry out processes that would naturally be difficult and achieve more efficiency, results and a better follow-up on them.



At Geotelecom we use Connectifour favorite tool to manage Marketing Automation strategies. It is important that you do not think that this consists of sending a personalized email and that's it. It's about being able to engage with your users in a unique way across all channels. And with Connectif you can do it in the simplest way. All kinds of actions can be performed, whether it is send an email, display a pop-up, do retargeting on social networks, show favorite products, offer a personalized offer, enrich your data with native forms, send SMS, etc. And all with a single click. 


The way in which it works is through workflows with which you can create unimaginable strategic networks that interrelate with different channels in a simple and visual way. In addition, you can build your buyer persona by analyzing their demographic information, behavior and needs and segment them based on their activity and motivations.


Now, it's great to know the tool, but even better to know how it can help you and your eCommerce. Your conversion rate and credibility will increase progressively. In addition, will improve the user experience, since will undergo a change thanks to dynamic content personalization. And last but not least, a large decrease in the abandonment and abandoned cart rate. In the end, the goal is to create personalized needs for each user and that all this ends in conversion. Good for me, good for you. 


At this point I think you've already become an expert in Marketing Automation, so let's move on to some analysis what are the best strategies for this Black Friday:

  • Abandoned cart. One of the most important, undoubtedly, because it isLet's be honest, who doesn't put things in the cart like crazy and then forgets them? And even more in these dates when you want to find the best offer! That's why we should send a transactional email to all those customers who forget their precious products in the baskets and also recommend products related to that cart.
  • Pop-ups advertising promotions or discounts. Spread the word! It is important that users who enter your website know at all times what offers you have for this Black Friday. If they don't know, you may miss out on a sale in the process. That is why it is advisable to place some pop-ups as soon as they enter the Home page. In addition, you can have promotions of a brand, by type of product, category or specific product, either by customer interest, by volume of stock or by price competitiveness.
  • Push Notifications. Yes, they sneak in when you least expect it, but that is precisely your goal. The great advantage of this channel is that the user does not necessarily have to be on your website to receive the notification, they can be watching videos of adorable kittens or playing cooperatively with their colleagues. No matter where and how, your Black Friday promotion will reach its destination, as long as the customer has previously accepted it.


  • Integrate audiences from Social Networks such as Facebook and Instagram.. I think we all know, since social networks are the order of the day, why not take advantage of it and create personalized audiences in Ads? All this will increase the visits on the web and will improve the performance of retargeting campaigns.
  • SMS. With instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, the essence of SMS has already been lost, but precisely because of that it is the channel with the highest opening rate. Increase your sales by sending personalized SMS based on real-time actions. They can be done in different ways, for example, sending the user to a specific landing page via a link or taking them to see the boom products of this Black Friday.
  • Emails with related products. Still want more? You can create a mailing with the juiciest promotions and a dynamic content rail showing exactly what the customer wants, either about the brand or the sector in which it moves and accompanied by a special offer. These campaigns help brand loyalty!

Surely after all this you can better focus your marketing campaigns and learn more about the advantages and benefits of automation. Boost your customer journey! Build unique experiences for each customer with intelligent and predictive workflows. Measure, analyze and anticipate your users' behavior by introducing actions at each stage of the buying process. 


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