Black Friday 2020: atypical but promising

We are in October and we are already talking about Black Friday? Well, yes! In Geotelecom we have been preparing for a month already, a date so important in the calendar of any e-commerce cannot be taken lightly.
Year after year we find record sales figures during the week of Black Friday and we ask ourselves: is this growth sustainable in the coming years, is the user not saturated with so much supply?
According to Google's consumer survey conducted in September 2020:
40% of the population declares they will shop on Black Friday

Impact of the pandemic

It is important to note that the forecasts reinforce the sector e-commercewhich is located at annual growth of 23% according to eMarketer but, What makes this Black Friday 2020 such an atypical and promising time? In addition to the upward trends of e-commerce over the last few years, there is no denying the impact of COVID-19 and how it will be reflected during Black Friday and the future Christmas campaign for these reasons:

  1. The confinement that took place in mid-March has accelerated digitization of multiple companies that have started to contribute with their product and service offerings in the digital channel, so the options for users have increased as well as the promotions.
  2. The new normal has brought with it great reluctance on the part of the majority of people to visit physical stores and crowds of people.This means that a large part of these sales end up taking place over the Internet.
  3. The e-commerce have been able to adapt to the increase in demandThe company has been able to facilitate payments, manage returns and work on customer service. This fact makes users feel more comfortable buying through digital channels, losing fear in many cases and building loyalty.
  4. Many users' savings in their recreational and social activities, due to the presence of the coronavirus, are expected to result in an increase of increase even in the average order expected during Black Friday week.

Seize the opportunity

Now that it is clear that an exciting Black Friday is expected this 2020how can we take advantage of it if we have a e-commerce?

  • Analyzing the history of our business to verify sales trends and to stock up sufficiently at an attractive purchase price. One of the worst nightmares of any e-commerce store is to run out of stock of one of its top-selling products in the middle of Black Friday week.
  • Negotiating with our suppliers attractive discounts and attention-grabbing promotions. Price continues to be a key factor in the user's decision process, even more so at a time like this.
  • Start planning the ambience of our web site: bannersheader, countdown, product sheets... Let the user know that he/she has arrived at a e-commerce in the middle of Black Friday!
  • Working a well-planned and executed SEO strategy. If we haven't started yet... we're already late!
  • By adapting our advertising campaigns and data feed to take advantage of the sales opportunities that open up in the different advertising channels: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Advertising...
  • Generating expectation in our Social Media profiles and making the most of it to build community.
  • Supporting all previous strategies with Marketing Automation techniquesThe goal is to improve the percentage of closed sales, increase the average order or recover abandoned carts.

Would you like us to take a deeper dive into the different strategies we use? Let us know and there may be surprises in the coming weeks.
Likewise, if you want us to give you a hand in your Black Friday campaign, do not hesitate to contact us.

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