The E-commerce Boom on Black Friday vs. Christmas, how does it influence?

Before starting with the resolutions of 2018 we must leave fulfilled the promises of 2017. In the same week of Black Friday we promised in a post (First Impressions of Black Friday 2017),  a complete report with a Deep analytics of our agency's results during these important dates.

Today, after an intense work, we not only provide this information, but we see a comparison of the Ecommerce Boom Black Friday vs Christmas. Year on year this strong trend is increasingly influencing Christmas shopping. 

As a general conclusion, we noticed in many of our accounts, that the more sales during the week of 'Black Friday', Christmas becomes more normalized. But let's go into detail below because this does not happen in all sectors.

How does the Black Friday vs. Christmas Ecommerce Boom influence your shopping?

Where can we see it? In the graphics of Electrical Appliances, Photography, Mobiles, Furniture... and in short, we perceive a 'advance of purchases'.when the possible 'gift is a considerable sum of money.

Black Friday vs. Christmas in Home AppliancesWhat's up with the 'Christmas Trend of Excellence' products? See Perfumes, Toys, ... Even though if we do see a spike on Black Friday, it keeps sales volume better through December.Even in the Toys sector, we see how sales do increase, ending up in their TOP Sales during these last days.


Christmas Perfume AnalysisTOYS:

Christmas Top Toy Sales. Analysis

In terms of investment, in almost all of our Ecommerce, the week of Black Friday exceeds the week before Christmas 2017. (December 15 - 22) but what about the CPC Medium?Interestingly, in all sectors it is very much aligned (both in the first ones of our analysis and in this season's prototype gifts).

Average Cpc on Black Friday and Christmas
Average Cpc on Black Friday and Christmas

Important points to keep Black Friday sales at Christmas time

  1. As we have already predicted on different occasions, the image is very important for the user. If we complement the page and visually impact with Banners, Our website needs marketing!
  2. Maintain the direct discount, of course, is a foolproof measure. In the end, price is king!
  3. Bring out our most creative side, driving original promotions with a close relationship between the offer and the meaning of these dates. Example: an advent calendar with different proposals per day, cards with a monetary value without an expiration date...
  4. Free shipping during this period to compete with possible local sales. And fundamentally, organize the logistics very well to guarantee delivery on important deadlines such as Christmas or Epiphany. 

With all this clear, I don't know about you, but we are starting to prepare for Black Friday 2018. Although, before this, remember that we have Sales, Valentine's Day, ...La planning: the essence of achieving great results Contact us and we will help you make it happen!

Happy New Year 2018!

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