Do you need a CMO or an eCommerce Manager to run your online store?

Do you need a CMO or an eCommerce Manager to lead your eCommerce? If you are looking to grow your business and make decisions in an agile way, our Business Intelligence team has Project Manager and Marketing Account Manager available for define objectives, draw up strategic plansto coordinate all parties involved and evaluate the performance of your online business.


Continuous monitoring of your online business


Profitability and Margins

Beyond the return on platforms of PPC advertising (cost per click), we take into account all channels to analyze the benefit of each sale.

Need to fine-tune the profitability of your brands? You can count on our commercial margin analysis to maximize profit as both the volume and profitability of your business grows.

Recurrence and Loyalty

What type of customer buys from you? How often do they buy from you? Discover the great advantages of a detailed analysis of your customers' purchases and the power of segmentation. Beyond just getting a new buyer, keep them coming back and making them one of your most loyal customers.

Thanks to this analysis you will be able to optimize your investment and make the whole strategy even more profitable.



At Geotelecom We are a Google Certified Export Agency and we have the online tools that will help you grow your business beyond our borders.

Do you want to know in depth all the characteristics of this process? Take a look now at our offer of internationalization.

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