Changes in Unique Product Identifiers for Google Shopping

As we have already mentioned many times, Google takes advantage of the summer season to launch announcements about important changes that will take place until the end of the year. If you visit this latest development You've been caught at the beach or at the pool... Don't worry, we bring you a brief summary!
As of September 30 shall enter into force (in all the countries mentioned in the previous news item) a major update on the implementation of unique product identifiers (IUP)which will mainly affect GTINs:

  • Generally one of the Merchant Center errors The most frequent problem for advertisers is the rejection of products for lack of unique identifiers, especially for GTIN. With this change in policy, products that do not have IUP will no longer be rejected and will be eligible for listing in Google Shopping. However, higher priority will be given to those products that do have them.
  • Products that have been incorrectly defined as "false" in the [identifier_exists] attribute will be rejected.
  • And different items in a data feed with the same GTIN will be rejected as ambiguous.

How can it affect you?

From this important news we draw a conclusion that we would like to share with you so that you can also give us your opinion:
► This change in Google Merchant Center policies, references all unique product identifiers (brand, MPN and GTIN), but has a superior impact on the last of these. By allowing to display products lacking this attribute in the data feed, Google makes a strange move, as it goes against all the actions taken in recent months in favor of improving the quality of data feeds.
So why make this change? From our experience in the ecommerce sector, we know that many advertisers have large volumes of unpublished products due to lack of GTIN, so with this update they will be able to launch all of them to Google Shopping directly. So more products, more clicks, increased investments... =)
However, one might also think that Google would have succeeded in developing a reliable methodology for grouping products regardless of whether or not they have an IUPwhich from our point of view is excessively utopian.
In any case, the big crux of the matter is, Will it affect the user experience, further proliferating products on Google Shopping not grouped by GTIN comparison? 

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