GPT Chat: everything you can do with this artificial intelligence tool

Let's talk about GPT Chat and the full range of possibilities offered by this revolutionary tool developed by OpenAI.

That artificial intelligence is here to stay and revolutionize the market is a fact. We can't deny it, we can't run away from it, and we can't stand still in the face of such a development.

So what's left? Adapt, as we always do in marketing

Let's not kid ourselves, though: AI has been with us for a long time. It is subtle, elegant, imperceptible to the naked eye, and this is precisely what has caused its presence not to be so prominent. Until that moment when a chat answers questions in a dangerously familiar way, as if it were just another companion.

Will Chat GPT invade our lives and become Skynet? On the contrary, Chat GPT promises to contribute a lot to our lives. So pay attention, we are going to tell you exactly what Chat GPT is, its most important uses and what limitations it brings with it.

What is Chat GPT?

This Californian company has been with us since 2015 and it was none other than Elon Musk who was one of those responsible for its creation.

The beauty of this tool, in the form of a chatbox, is that it has been "pre trained"that is, as a result of enter large amounts of information to nurture its database is capable of answering questions on virtually any topic you ask it. 

But why was Chat GPT really created? What is the ultimate goal of this tool? We can think that it was invented for:

  • answering user questions;
  • automatically translate texts into several languages;
  • save time and resources in research;
  • software development;
  • have a partner to talk to from time to time;

What do you think is the right answer? We'll tell you: all. And OpenAI has been the key to this.

What is Open AI?

The entity behind the creation of Chat GPT-3 is OpenAI, an organization founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Wojciech Zaremba and John Schulman. 

This is a non-profit organization that has been developing articulate and natural language models since 2015. with a very clear objective: to create an AI beneficial to all mankind.

As you can imagine, there are fans and detractors of this kind of thinking, with Elon Musk himself going so far as to claim that AI could be a trigger for World War III.

In itself, OpenAI believes in the system opensourceThis has caused controversy precisely because of the "dangers" that this freedom may pose for the future. In addition, this part has been questioned because it has recently signed an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft.

open ai logo

As a curiosity, the European Union has put its cards on the table to develop a code of ethics regarding artificial intelligencerobotics and connectivity technologies. 

Returning to our topic, the GPT Chat - 3, has been a revolution that will bring a lot of news with it. We have no doubt that is efficient when it comes to understanding each other at a contextual levelThis means that anything related to language can be handled very accurately.

This aspect is very important, because if you have ventured a little bit you will see that Chat GPT is a pure and simple chat: does not generate images or videos, only text applicable to different fields, including programming languages. 

This is due to the PLN (Do you know what it is? Attend.

PLN: the brains behind Chat GPT - 3

PLN stands for "Natural Language Processing, a branch of computer science responsible for configuring computer systems to understand spoken and articulated language.

To put it more simply: no matter how hard we try, computers do not speak our language, they speak code language. (although that is slowly changing), whereby through PLN we configure devices so that machines understand us and can communicate with us just like any other human being.

What uses can Chat GPT have in our daily lives?

We have had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into this tool and have been amazed by some of the issues:

  • He can hold a conversation with you, and even cares about you!

caht.gpt 6 conversations

  • Answers the questions you ask. This part is very interesting, as it can give you information on a wide variety of topics. It helps us a lot in our research for writing web copy for different niches.
  • Generates text in different formatsFor example, a cover letter for a commercial offer via email, a diet, a personalized training, a questionnaire to send to your customers... Feel free. 
  • Translates to the language you request (and you can check it in any translator): 

gpt 5 chat conversations

  • Summarizes a long textIt even makes you a table of contents with texts of approx. 200 - 300 words. We have tried it with texts of about 800 words and it does that too, but it takes longer. Here is an example of a table of contents from an article published in The Conversation on theomen and tobacco:

gpt chat conversations 2

  • Analyzes the sentiments displayed within a given text.. This is a curious ability of GPT Chat: although it does not show feelings as such, it is able to detect what emotions the text "suggests". Very constructive and curious if you are into literary criticism, communication or psychology:

gpt1 chat conversations

As you can see, he is quite a pro when it comes to texts and languages. In fact, we have even seen cases where try to role play with this chat.

But where everything is beautiful and colorful, there is always a bit of gray. Chat GPT-3, despite being a technological marvel, has certain handicaps today with which we must be patient. 

Current limitations of GPT Chat - 3

Like everything else in life, Chat GPT-3 still has a lot to learn, especially considering the fact that is not the only AI text generation tool on the market.. The fact that it has become so popular is that, for efficiency purposes, it is much more conversational and natural than other chat rooms, but it has certain drawbacks:

  • After an hour, sometimes it is removed from the connection.. It has not always happened to us, but at times of high demand it seems to "kick you out" when you make too many requests:

gpt chat conversations 3

This is removed as soon as you reload the page, although currently Chat GPT has limited the number of active users within your session, so you may have to wait a bit.

  • When you have a conversation with Chat GPT, there comes a time when it goes into a loop.This happened to an editor of the famous Xataka blog, who began to make him questions about the future of humanity in 2030. The AI tool starts repeating and contradicting itself once it reaches a point in the conversation that it considers to be the point of no return.
  • Has limited knowledge of developments beyond 2021. This can be a considerable handicap if you are looking for a contrast of current information, but if you have a more standard informational intent (e.g., generic questions such as step-by-step recipes), the chat responds quite well.
  • If you don't have the information, you make it up.. This is, in our opinion, the worst flaw that GPT Chat can have. Although it is very well fed with data, it may be that certain complex topics (industrial machinery, genetics or medicine) may not have enough information to give you an answer. At first, it will tell you that it does not have the requested information, but if you insist, it will give you a random answer based on its database. So be careful, always check with reliable sources.
  • Not creative. It seems so, because he answers you very convincingly when you ask him to make you a sonnet: 

But if you notice, that's not a sonnet to begin with. Sonnets are composed of fourteen hendecasyllabic lines divided into two quatrains and two tercets, the rhyme being ABBA ABBA, CDE CDE ( or CDC DCD).

What Chat GPT has generated are three quatrains, randomly rhyming and repeating words. This shows that it can indeed generate poems, but having to resort to its database to do so, it puts together words that make sense in exactly the same way as when there is a question it doesn't know what to answer. No imagination to generate something new.

chat conversations .gpt 4

At Geotelecom we know that AI is here to stay. and we rely on it, as well as on other tools SEOto create texts that make an impact and develop On Page SEO strategies to position your business in search engines. Combining our experience and the efficiency of artificial intelligence, we can effectively tune the sound of your ecommerce.

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