Price Comparison Sites can now advertise on Google Shopping

Last Wednesday Google finally confirmed our suspicions, price comparators can already advertise on Google Shopping on behalf of the retailers they represent, displaying their ads in the comparison on the same terms as Google Shopping itself.

The main obstacle they had previously encountered was that, since they could not close the sale on the comparator's website, they were not allowed to advertise on Google Shopping, which led to the relevant complaints and the sanction by the European Commission. Precisely because of this sanction, Google got down to work to try to make a series of changes in the operation of its comparator in order to avoid the harsh economic punishments.

Comparators wishing to advertise on Google Shopping must comply with a number of requirements. minimum requirementssome of the most important are:

  • That the website effectively displays offers that are true to those advertised on Google Shopping and that allow price comparisons between all retailers that are advertised there for each of the products.
  • The comparator allows you to go to the website of the retailer that is advertised there to purchase the product.
  • The comparator's website does not require registration.
  • The comparator must be registered in at least one country of the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Ads must comply with Google Shopping policies.

How to get started in Shopping.

To create the account, we will follow the basic steps to create a new Google Merchant Center account, with the particularity that it will be necessary to fill in the form available in the next Web.

From our point of view, this news has a great relevance for our "little world", since it will increase competition in most sectors, which will be very beneficial for buyers, and opens up a new window of opportunity for wide range of possibilities for those companies and agencies that do a very specialized work in Google Shopping.

Comparators will also be able to advertise on a very profitable channel such as Google Shopping, making it more attractive to attract new retailers to their website and increasing their market share.

On our side, whether you are an ecommerce or a comparator, we will be pleased to help you to adapt your strategies to this new environment!

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