Drafting of web contents

Content plays a key role in the success of any SEO strategy. It is the basis on which Google and other search engines find relevant keywords and understand what your website is about. In addition, by having quality content, users will have greater credibility and trust in your company.

 We carry out writing of texts for categories and landing pages, as well as blog articlesThe main objective is to create a website that captures the attention of your users, offering them useful, interesting and well-structured information, thus increasing the time they spend on your website. 

Why lock the contents of a website

Web content is essential to improve your SEO and attract the right audience. At include important keywords and well-optimized tags, and structure the content in a consistent wayIf you are a search engine friendly website, search engines will give more relevance to your website.

In addition, working with content allows you to attract a qualified audiencegenerate quality inbound links and improve the user experience. 

content writing

Benefits they bring

Improved web positioning

Google and other search engines value useful, relevant and well-optimized content. Offering this content will increase the probability that your website will appear in the first search results, improving its visibility and traffic.

Inbound link building

Valuable content tends to be shared and linked to by other websites, which contributes to increase the site's authority and reputation. Quality external links are a key factor in SEO, as they significantly improve the position of the linked site.

Longer dwell time

Interesting and valuable content keeps users on the website longer, which decreases the bounce rate (users quickly leaving the site) and signals to search engines that the content is relevant and of quality.

Constant updating of content

Search engines favor websites that are updated frequently and add new content. Maintaining a regular content creation strategy makes the website more attractive to search engines and users.

Web content we work with

Category content and landing pages

The contents of the category pages are like the backbone of your website.. They are essential to organize and present your products or services in a clear and easy to understand way. When you optimize these pages with relevant keywords and detailed descriptions, you help search engines know what your site is about.

You also improve your users' browsing experience, making their life easier by finding what they need quickly. Google will value your page and show it in better positions in the SERP.

Corporate blog articles

Blog articles are a treasure trove for your SEO strategy. At GeotelecomWe conduct research on the topics that interest your audience and create content of interest. In addition, the blog allows you to be active and updated, something that will bring confidence to your users. In addition, the blog will allow you to interact with your users, allowing the publication of comments and debates within your articles.

Remember that this content not only benefits the SEO, but also are key to connect with your users and turn them into loyal customers.

Phases of web copywriting


Meeting with the client

We start by getting to know your objectives and audience in a meeting. In addition, we suggest making a SEO audit to evaluate the price status of your website.



Detailed editorial calendar. We define the publication dates, establish the topics to be addressed and distribute the work efficiently.


Beginning of drafting

This is where the magic happens. We create unique, attractive and quality content for the user using the right keywords to increase your visibility.


Customer review

Once we have created the content we will send it to you so that you can review it before publishing it and make any modifications you see necessary.

Tasks we perform in the content writing

Research and writing

Like SEO agencyIn order to obtain relevant and updated information on the subject, we research on the topics of each content. Then, we write the contents, using a clear, concise and attractive language for the users.

Internal linking

We identify opportunities to link content to other categories, pages or related articles within your website. Internal links help improve site structure, facilitate user navigation and also transfer authority between URLs.

Image search

We are looking for up to 3 images related to the content we are writing. These must be relevant, attractive and of high quality to capture the user's attention. This will improve the visual experience for the user and make it easier to read.

Publication of the post

Once we have written the article and selected the images, we proceed to upload it to your CMS, whether it is a PrestaShop, WordPress, or custom development. When publishing, we also perform technical SEO tasks such as Meta Tags or Structured Data.

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