Copywriting for Facebook ADS ads

We know that on Facebook the image is the most important resource; this can mean an 80% at the moment of 'attracting the user's attention'.What do we do to reach the desired 100%? We also need optimal texts; a good copy depends on the conversion action. That is why we are dedicating a post to improve our copywriting for Facebook Ads.

To start this process, the first thing to think about is: Who is our ideal customer? What do they need? What are their pain points? How can we solve their problems? And above all, where are they at? 

A. You are not aware of your problem.

B. You are aware of your problem.

C. You are aware of your problem and also aware of the solution.

D. You are aware of the product that provides a solution to your problem.

E. It is very conscious, to the point that it is fan of facebook pages related to the service.

At what point is the user

In order to treat each point of the process in a differentiated manner, it is advisable to separate different types of targeting by ad set and in each of them, write a text relevant to your specific Target.

First, if an 80% is image how do we improve this aspect?

  • Incorporating our Keywords in it.
  • Including the most important aspects of our company's offer, promotion or value proposition.
  • False Call To Action to receive more clicks on the photo.

Tips to improve our copywriting for Facebook Ads ads

  • Don't forget that the first 90 characters are the most important.
  • Use capital letters in important words such as FREE.
  • Use line spacing so as not to give a crowded feeling.
  • Use brackets to highlight words such as: [Free guide] + Text.
  • Employs the PAS Formula (what is the problem / what is the reason for the customer's agitation / directly give them a solution)
  • Do not mention your brand. In social networks the user is looking for entertainment, solutions; there is NO space for the "self-promotion" because are not platforms intended for sale direct.
  • Tell the user what to do but do not use the word BUY.
  • The testimonials or the 'social proof can boost the CTR of our ad.
  • Use the Emojis to highlight the benefits.
  • Ask a question and try to achieve the "Yes." by the user.

Facebook Ads Users

What formulas can we use in our copywriting for Facebook Ads?

Advisable for a large majority of channels (not only in Facebook Ads), the formula par excellence is:


We can also gain their trust by telling a "uncomfortable truth" on the type sector: 'I'm going to tell you what X don't want you to know...'

  • Handles action verbs: get, increase, boost, download, upgrade, subscribe, sign up, try, test, join...
  • Highlights benefits: fast, easy, save...
  • Persuade with words like: new, immediate, free, gift, amazing, opportunity...
  • It arouses curiosity with terms such as: secret, discover, did you know that...?
  • It talks about incentives: plus, minus, extra, bonus...
  • Gives a sense of exclusivityvalue, original, unique, solo, exclusive offer, be the first to..., get it first, become...
  • Transmit confidence, security with Keywords such as: tested, works, guaranteed, certified, safe, guarantee of..., refund, lifetime access, you can cancel at any time
  • Let them know the urgency: today only, until tomorrow only, tomorrow is the last, day to..., limited time offer, last places, 20% discount until X date

What is social proof?

Customer testimonials and real business figures such as: "Join more than 65,000 people who..."

More copywriting recipes for Facebook Ads:

  • In the case of specific product offers: PROMOTION + NUMBERS (Statistics) + and a bit of haste or urgency
  • For remarketing strategies: we must remind them of what they saw + transmission of scarcity, haste + benefits to the user is going to get

What strategies do you use in your Facebook Ads ad copy? We look forward to reading you!

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