Google Partners Digital Advertising Sales Certification

Today we bring news! If you like continuous training and Digital Marketing, you are in luck. Now Google gives you the opportunity to add more training and experience to your resume. At the end of last week we found a new certification available in our profile of Google PartnersDigital Advertising Sales Certification

Let's try the Digital Advertising Sales Certificate

What is the Digital Advertising Sales Certification?

The Digital Advertising Sales Certificationencompasses sales skills and AdWords basics. This will allow you to persuade new clients about the advantages of including Google AdWords in their marketing strategies. Knowing how to communicate, having empathy and transmitting confidence are basic aspects for our partners.

The exam consists of 55 questions y 90 minutes time to complete it. This time is more than enough in view of the simplicity of the questions. Any professional in the sector will be able to find the solution without difficulty, as they have surely had to deal with these issues on a daily basis. The best of all is that the validity of this test is 2 yearsso we won't have to think about renewing it until 2019.

Digital Advertising Sales Certification

At Geotelecom we already have all the members working to obtain this new certification, so if you have any questions... ask us! =)

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