Definition of: Buyer persona

The buyer persona is an imaginary but detailed representation of a company's target audience, allowing for a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

Although fictitious, it is based on real data derived from user experiences, market research and demographic data, as well as subjective aspects such as personal goals and daily challenges.

The buyer persona helps you visualize your ideal customer as a person with a real life, responsibilities and goals. By creating a buyer persona, you humanize your audience, establish a connection to their concerns and understand their expectations and requirements, which helps you design the customer journey and ultimately improve your product marketing strategies.

Types of buyer persona

  • The principal or purchasing decision makerwho ultimately makes the decision to purchase the product or service.
  • The secondary or prescriberwho recommends or advises the customer in the purchase decision.
  • The influencerThe individual who has weight in other people's purchasing decisions, such as an influencer or a relevant opinion generator.

Each of these profiles contributes differently to the buying process, making it crucial to understand and consider their roles when designing marketing strategies.

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