Google Ads
Display Network

The display network isa fundamental part of youronline strategy: it offers the possibility of reaching your target audience while browsing the internet, consulting their favorite websites, when they are on YouTube or checking their Gmail.

In addition, you can create ads from the platform that are very attractive, without the need for a department specialized in creatingbanners.


We know how to detect what kind of audiences we need to work with


What is its strong point?

The key to a successful display strategy is knowinghow to segment and target your ads in the most precise way.. To do this, Google Ads has multiple targeting options, including:

  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Market audiences
  • Intent-based audiences
  • Similar audiences
  • Website users

Thanks to all the available options, we can get to connect with our potential clients at the right time with the best adapted message for each of them.

Advanced management

After years of experience, we know how to detectwhat type of audiences we should work with and how before starting a campaign, depending on the objectives we set.

We analyze and optimize campaigns both manually and with tools that we have developed.

In this way, we avoid investing money in spaces, time slots, locations, etc. that do not work andwe make the most of your investment.

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