These are the leaders of the Ecommerce sector in Spain

Hace unos días, el diario Expansión -in its weekend edition published an interesting article(1) on the leaders of the Ecommerce sector in Spain, providing a good overview of the sector.

By number of visits (2)the domain of Amazon doubles its immediate pursuers: Ali Express and El Corte Inglés. By conversion rate and despite having a "shitty" website.(3) -Juan Roig dixit-, Mercadona leads in this section with a percentage of 4,9%which many would like to see for themselves. Nike and Hipercor are a long way behind, with rates of 3%.

By medium ticket it is worth mentioning Electrocosto with 302 €, ahead of none other than Apple (220 €) and PC Components (188 €).

ecommerce sector leaders

It seems that the Cordoba - Burgos binomial works satisfactorily for Electrocosto. It is an important factor to be among the leaders in the ecommerce sector in Spain, because it is of little use to have a high conversion rate, if your average ticket is low and shipping costs are low. -as in the case of Mercadona (4). eat into your net profit.

An optimal digital marketing strategy and a high average ticket are ideal starting points for success.

The same article includes the statements of Ignacio OsborneOsborne Group's chairman. And although we should analyze its context, he said: "e-commerce is growing and we're all very happy and smiling... But we're all losing money on it.".

While it is true that the statements refer to the consumer goods sector and that in his speech he also stressed that the sector will end up being "profitable, yes or yes", for those of us who are immersed in the world of digital marketing, this type of general statements are hard for us to understand and we are not always happy with them. not extrapolated to all sectors.

What do we think?

There is no doubt about the great business effort behind every e-commerce project. Having a good web development, an optimal loading speed, a great user experience, an organic and paid positioning; requires surrounding oneself with the best professionals graphic design, IT, SEO, Social Media and of course SEM.

The right or wrong decision about suppliers will make the difference to be one of these leaders in the Ecommerce sector in Spain. Sf we may compare, it is not the same to drive Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes or Fernando Alonso's McLaren, is it?

Undoubtedly, not everyone loses money - far from it.

Forecasts for the online channel remain optimistic and investment in the Internet continues to increase to the detriment of conventional media. According to data from the Annual Ecommerce Study published by the IAB, the frequency of purchases continues to grow and the average order ticket is increasing up to €80.

If we add to that the positive economic forecasts of our country, with the highest share of Smartphone penetration in the world, we can predict, a spectacular Black Friday and Christmas campaign.

From Geotelecom, we are already working hard in this extraordinary sales season for e-commerce. If you have an Ecommerce, we recommend you to anticipate and do the same. And if you don't know where to start... Call us!



(2) Unique visitors / month


(4) Ecommerce represents 1% of Mercadona's turnover and causes them to lose 30 million euros.


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