Put the thermometer on your ecommerce for Black Friday

At this point it goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has had major effects on digital marketing. We have yet to see the full impact it has caused, but we can see the brushstrokes. We cannot forget that we are still immersed in a global pandemic and that businesses have had to adapt to this new normal. First, let's start with the significant changes at the online level, such as the increase in searches for the term "buy online" from March:

Source: Google Trends

This already gives us an idea of the importance of being present in the digital environment. In fact, the traffic peaks this spring have been higher than the traditional November and December.
So we have seen how traditional businesses have decided to make the leap to online.
All this has had certain peculiarities, for example with logistics companies.
It was also a great challenge for them as it meant an increase in work that many could not take on and there was a great saturation with delays in deliveries.
They also had to update their delivery forms to comply with COVID security protocols.

What about this Black Friday?

One of the most important events for ecommerce is Black Friday. Year after year it is gaining importance and popularity in our country, since at first it came as an American event that we did not feel like ours but, today, practically everyone knows what Black Friday is and what it implies: big discounts with which to advance Christmas gifts and save money.
The big question for ecommerce this year is What is going to happen this atypical Black Friday? Our colleague Raul already gave us some hints of what we can do to take advantage of the opportunity this Black Friday.
Black Friday is a largely mobile phenomenon: it accounts for 70% of searches and is growing year on year.
At this time of the year, there is greater competitive intensity, which is reflected in an increase in the volume of investment.
According to Google sources more than 80% of consumers are not clear about what they are going to buy and a large percentage of them comment that their purchase will depend on the offers they find.
Also 58% of consumers expect higher discount percentages in this "different" year.

What can we do this Black Friday to make it a success?

Have the web well adapted to mobiles since, as we have already mentioned, many searches are carried out via cell phones.
It would also be advisable to allocate a extra budget for these dates so as not to fall behind the competition.
From our experience this Black Friday users expect different things to those that have been seen in previous years.
In terms of discounts, they also expect higher discount percentages.
Also, as far as possible, surprise with something different from the competition, for example, raffles or gifts with the orderwill make a difference this year.
In conclusion, this Black Friday with the increased digitization of businesses. there will be more competition than ever before and that will make the need to differentiate yourself from the rest and give security and confidence to the user more important than ever.
And you, do you already know how you're going to make a splash this Black Friday?]]>

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