Prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday.

Once the heat dissipates, Christmas seems to approach inexorably. Before the end of the year, there are still some important dates to look forward to: the Black Friday or "Black Friday" is one of them. The next November 24 the most popular discount day of the year will take place. Black Friday is already an unmissable date for sellers and buyers. Do you already have your eCommerce ready? 

Please note that a 90% of the searches are performed before that day. More and more companies are taking part in this event with online offers and promotions. Our team knows how hard it is to prepare for such an important date, so we do our bit by sharing some tips with you.

Black Friday Geotelecom

Black Friday in Spain

For several years now, November has started in Spain with the celebration of the Halloween and ends in style with the Black Friday. Despite its recent landing in our country, Black Friday has managed to position itself as a reference date for consumers.

It originated in the United States and its interest in our country has been increasing year by year, as we can see by the search volume generated in the image below. The figures are really overwhelming, reaching up to double in just two years. This date has already become the beginning of the biggest shopping period of the year, a starting signal for Christmas and Sales. There is no doubt that Black Friday has become an established part of our calendar: a 88% from consumers know the date and almost half say they will buy on this date.

Black Friday Searches
Increased Searches on Black Friday

In 2016 alone, Black Friday in Spain accounted for more than 1.2 billion euros in salesalmost a 30% more than the previous year. It is estimated that between 25 and 30% of consumers bring their Christmas shopping forward What can you do to attract people to your website on such an important date? Here are some tips...

Succeed on Black Friday with your eCommerce.

  • Announce promotions in advance, the customer looks for information in advance.
  • Plan your sales. Stocking and managing stock is a vital point. Schedule sale start dates, prices and discounts, etcetera.
  • On the web will significantly increase traffic. The capacity and loading speed will be fundamental, make a previous check.
  • Create banners to promote sales (Display on Google AdWords and Facebook) y to set the mood for your website. Capture the attention, creativity to the power!
  • A strategy of Remarketing is not an option (visitors to your website, abandoned carts,...) Why waste the opportunity to sell in a second round?
  • Be mobile! This is a growing trend and many sales start on mobile devices even if they end up in computers. A web adapted to mobile devices and with adequate loading speed will be essential.
Black Friday Logo
Ready for Black Friday?

  • Measureyour actions by pixeles and conversion codes. Both Facebook and Google AdWords offer great real-time analytics tools.
  • Encourage sales by creating "sense of urgency or scarcity": countdown in offers, ads "for a limited time" or visible stock.
  • The customer service is of great importance in the purchasing process: it considers the real-time chats among other options. Be sure to offer a rapid response.
  • Offers a purchase, shipping and return policy as simple as possible. Make the shopping experience on your website optimal.
  • Keep an eye on the competencestudies your strategies to react in time (Google Alerts can be a good ally)
  • Build customer loyalty on Black Friday. Once conquered, keep them coming back: activity on social media, mailing, retargeting, etc.
  • After Black Friday, analyzes results: what worked and what didn't. At Christmas time, it is time to return to the stage with all that has been learned previously.
  • Black Friday, what else?

    Knowing the volume that is reached in the previous days, every company must be clear that it must work well in advance. This is the only way to to optimize advertising campaigns and its results.

    Nearly half of the searches (49%) are generic in the previous days. while the 51% targets specific products and brands as Black Friday approaches. Ultimately, the best recipe for preparing for Black Friday is the preparation and planning. All this, together with a good strategy guarantees a good result in such an important period for eCommerce.

    If this is your first Black Friday, take it as a learning experience and set yourself achievable goals. If you already have previous experience, try to surpass yourself and you are sure to achieve great results. 😉

    Do you have any questions or suggestions? Do you want to achieve spectacular results? Our team will be at your disposal, contact us!

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