How the cessation of non-core activities affects your e-commerce business

Will it be possible to deliver orders online? Does e-commerce operate normally? Are there any restrictions for e-commerce? Many doubts have arisen in the last few weeks following the declaration of the State of Alarm in Spain on March 14 due to the coronavirus. As expected, e-commerce was going to be affected just like the rest of the sectors in our economy. From Geotelecom we have compiled all the information from minute zero in a series of posts that you can not miss:

On top of all this, the government's increased restrictions, announced just before the weekend, have also been added to the list. For e-commerce, however, it does not make much difference compared with the RD 10/2020 in which a State of Alarm was decreed. Already in its artículo 35The Royal Decree, except for a transitory provision, mentioned Internet commerce as an activity in which it could operate normally. In other words, workers in warehouses and logistics centers related to e-commerce are included in the exemption of the Royal Decree. Even clearer, YES they will be able to perform their distribution and delivery tasks.. Moreover, freight forwarding companies are considered as essential work.
Now you may be wondering what change the cessation of non-core activities for your e-commerce entails. Although it has not entailed any change, let's take a closer look at its articles to dispel any doubts...

Cessation of non-core activities

The publication of the latest Royal Decree in the BOEThe "Italian-style" mobility restriction plan, effective from March 30 to April 9 (both inclusive), leaves an "Italian-style" panorama as far as mobility restrictions are concerned. The recoverable paid leaveThe "economic activity stoppage", which is the name given to this stoppage of economic activity, applies to any employed person who does not provide an essential service. Its purpose is basically to minimize mobility to fight against COVID-19.
However, the last two pages of the RD contain a ANNEX detailing all essential activities to which this standard does not apply. With respect to electronic commerce, the item 24 of this annex excludes persons working in the distribution and delivery of products purchased on the Internet, by telephone or by mail order.

E-commerce BOE
Internet commerce, exemption in the BOE

In this regard, everything seems to indicate that orders can be prepared and shipped relatively normally. However, if you still have any doubts, you can always consult with your agency, your marketing agency or a company in the sector. In this way you will be able to dispel any questions you may have about the current situation.
IMPORTANT ► Check with your logistics operator about the conditions they can now offer for your eCommerce, so you can inform your customers about delivery times.

Any additional advice...

Nevertheless, it is to be expected that not everything will flow as usual. Given the exceptionality, delays may occur in both your procurement and customer deliveries. Keep in mind that priority will be given to all essential, basic and staple products. You always have the option of clearly inform the customereither on the web site or via e-mail. In line with the above, also try to make your cancellation policies more flexible and thus minimize returns by offering alternatives. There are more and more e-commerce sites that offer the possibility to choose a delivery date desired after purchase.
In conclusion, it is now time to adapting, reinventing, learning and looking positively to the horizon that we face in the short term. What you should never lose sight of is your customers, trying to offer everything they are looking for to the best of your ability. Think that it is always a good time to reward customer loyalty and also recognize their patience.
Don't miss upcoming posts! We will continue to publish analysis and recommendations 😉.

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