The importance of email marketing and strategies to optimize results

In the dynamic digital marketing landscape, email marketing continues to prove its effectiveness as an essential tool for achieving outstanding results. In this article, after researching different recent research sites such as SaleCycle, we will explore the most relevant email marketing statistics of the last few years and share key strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness.

General email marketing statistics: does its effectiveness persist?

Despite predictions of its decline, email marketing remains an undisputed leader in return on investment (ROI). According to a study by Adestra and The Econsultancy, email outperforms SEO and PPC, with 73% of companies rating their ROI as excellent or good. Surprisingly, despite these results, email still accounts for only 13% of the marketing budget, but directly impacts 19% of sales according to 2019 data.

email marketing roi

Investment in email marketing translates into an impressive ROI of €32 for every euro invested, according to the DMA.

The value of an email address: strategies and sectors

Experian reports that, on average, an email address is worth €84.50, varying by industry. Sectors such as tourism value an email at €236, while the retail sector drops to €79. This data highlights the importance of lead generation and its direct influence on a company's ROI.

Campaign Optimization: best days to send emails

According to a study by Omnisend, the first 10 days of the month have the best performance in open, click-through and conversion rates. Globally, the 29th day stands out as the best day to send marketing emails.

average open rate

Open and click-through rates: keys to assessing success

GetResponse statistics provide valuable information on open and click-through rates. The average open rate is 22.86%, while the average click-through rate (CTR) is 3.71%. The subscription rate stands at 0.21%.

performance by industry

Abandonment emails: recovering lost sales

Facing the challenge of abandoned carts, recovery emails show a significant impact. According to SaleCycle, the global average reveals a 4,43% increase in sales. Sectors such as fashion, jewelry and sports experience even higher performance.

The average open rate for this type of email is 40.1% and the click-through rate is 28.64%.

A/B testing in email: one of the best options to optimize our mailings

An A/B test is about comparing different email variables by testing them and getting valuable results to optimize our emails.

A/B tests are used in less than 50% of campaigns. And of the marketing teams, in 87% of the cases they are only used with two options (A/B test) instead of using more: A/B/C/D...

A/B/X testing is one of the best ways to optimize the effectiveness of our mailings and we should take advantage of it to improve our results.

Personalization in email marketing: emails made especially for you

According to the Adestra study, 82% of the participants stated that personalization not only improves the open rate, but also contributes to an increase in the click-through rate, as stated by 75%. In addition, other positive benefits are highlighted, such as an increase in user satisfaction, a notable increase in sales (58%).

Consumer influence: does email marketing influence our purchases?

According to a study by Bluehornet, 50.7% of the participants say that e-mail influences their purchasing decisions at least once a month. 23.8% indicate that this influence is manifested several times a month, while 20.6% mention that it occurs at least once a year.

Email marketing on mobile: how much has it grown?

The following graph from Litmus shows the strong growth of mobile devices, the contrary trend of desktop and the stability of web mail.

email marketing open rate

List size: does it influence performance?

Email statistics often depend on the size of the contact lists because it directly affects the KPI or your performance.

For example, in lists with more than 100,000 contacts, the open rate drops to 12.11%. However, in lists of up to 2,500 emails, it is 31.77%. The same happens with metrics such as CTR as with the open rate.

The email market: Gmail and iPhone dominance

The email market is competitive, with Gmail and iPhone leading with 29% and 28% market share, respectively, according to a Litmus study based on 1.17 billion emails.

Email marketing trends in 2024: towards hyper-personalization and AI

Looking ahead, email marketing trends in 2024 include hyper-personalization of campaigns, the prominence of artificial intelligence, strategic email subject lines, interactive emails and the incorporation of WhatsApp as a communication channel.

google store

In summary, the email marketing remains a powerful tool in 2024. Companies should take advantage of current statistics and trends to optimize their campaigns, implement customized strategies and adapt to the constant evolution of the digital market. 

Accessibility, list cleansing and constant innovation will be key to continued success in the exciting world of email marketing.

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