Geotelecom Inspiration at Google Madrid

Monday, June 15th was a very special day for us. The team of Geotelecom organized together with Google an event at the company's headquarters in Madrid.

The attendees were able to listen to our colleagues Jorge Arias y Fernando Brizuela in various speechs where the latest news in online marketing were shared, real success stories of customers from various sectors were presented and tips were provided to get new customers and be successful on the Internet.

The ten years of experience of Geotelecom within the marketing sector served to inspire these talks, giving our colleagues the opportunity to speak from their own experiences, and thus provide tips or professional and current tips and tricks, which could be applied to other similar customer accounts.  

Geotelecom inspiration event at Google Madrid
Geotelecom inspiration event at Google Madrid

Google and Geotelecom

In the same way that since Geotelecom we learn daily from Google, for one day it was our agency that had the opportunity to inspire the employees of this Internet giant.

To the surprise of the entire team, Google was very kind to us and brought all the way from Casablanca to Mounir TaziOur Google Account Manager, who gave a great talk about real solutions for online marketing strategies, was a real treat to finally meet him in person!

Through events of this type, the importance of working together and exchanging ideas within the digital marketing sector is once again verified. You can always continue to learn from the experiences of other colleagues in the same field... and even from the competition; because there are always things to improve.

From here, we would like to thank once again Google We would like to thank everyone for all the effort made and all the attendees for their presence at the event.
We hope to be able to invite you all to a new event soon!

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