Every e-commerce will have to be linked to the ODR

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The European Parliament, according to the Article 14 of the Regulation No. 254/2013will oblige every e-commerce operating in the European Union to include a link in their websites to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) of the European Commission after Frebuary 15th 2016. This article obliges the retailers to inform the users that they have the opportunity to formulate a complaint appeal. apart from the judicial proceedings. It usually implies the intervention of an unbiased third party between the consumer and the company against whom the complaint is made. Depending on each case, the third party can propose a solution, impose a solution to the parties or gather them with the aim of coming to a friendly agreement. This alternative resolution without litigation is normally much cheaper, easier and quicker than the justicial process.
The article clearly states that the link should be in the website but there isn't any specification about where in particular it should appear. The link can be used by consumers residents in the European Union to resolve the multiple problems that might occur during an online purchase. Besides, companies can also present any kind of complaints against their own consumers regarding the products or services offered.
It is noteworthy that there is not any organism to resolve litigations in Spain. Therefore, the effective date of this new statement is not possible in Spain nowadays but our recommendation is to include it now in order to have the website completely adapted when the new requirement starts to be obligatory in this country.
Have you already adapted your website to this new regulation?

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