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Bing Ads Image Extensions

Image extensions in Bing Ads are coming out of beta and are available in all markets. These extensions can appear together with other extensions of any other type, combined in different ways. Image extensions in Bing Ads allow you to display up to 6 different images, each accompanied by a mandatory title and optional description and link.

What possibilities does it offer? With these new extensions, the possibility of presenting products to potential consumers is presented, meaning an approach to the product listing ads that do exist in Google and that can be made through the Google Adwords platform in synchronization with Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping.

This type of image extensions in Bing Ads had already appeared previously, although they had never been out of beta and had never been available for all markets; which is now the case. The format of these image extensions in Bing Ads can be different; there is the possibility of displaying only one image, but there is also the option of displaying up to six different images, each of them linked to its own landing page.

Image extensions in Bing Ads with a single image
Bing Ads Image Extensions

Do you realize all the advantages and opportunities this offers? From presenting complementary images to presenting a small range of products that, visually, lead the receiver to a personalized landing page for that product, such as a shopping page or even a shopping cart with the product already selected.

As a counterpoint, we find that the image extensions in Bing Ads are not currently available for mobile devices. It is fully available for desktops and tablets. It is foreseeable that this new feature will be included for mobile devices, where it would surely have a great impact if the design and placement/size of the images is studied and defined correctly.

Bing Ads Image Extensions with four images
Bing Ads Image Extensions with four images

We hope that this new feature is maintained and tends to be improved over time, not coming to nothing as it did in 2013 the similar attempt that was launched from Google Adwords, where the image extensions were tried to implement in 2013 without getting out of beta phase.

What do you think of all these new products, and do you see any use for them?

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