Facebook Attribution, available to all advertisers

If you work with Facebook Ads, you already have available in Spain the new Facebook tool to get a deeper insight into your campaigns: Facebook Attribution.

After more than a year in beta, you will now be able to analyze the impact of your campaigns inside and outside Facebook Ads. Mark Zuckerberg's platform is implementing numerous changes for advertisers, such as the recent modification of its pixel or the improvement of its metrics.

What have been the latest developments, how do they affect advertisers? Today we bring you a couple of news about the social network so you can optimize your campaigns to the maximum 😉.

Recent changes in the tracking pixel

Facebook Pixel

Facebook has just implemented an update to its pixel. Now the advertiser has the option to use cookies own to re-engage your web users. When you block the cookies of third partiesIn this way, the advertiser loses traceability and it is impossible to collect information. That's why Facebook has always opted for cookies of third parties, which now represents a major change in its operation.

The default configuration of the pixel will collect cookies and third parties to cover more customers, thus gaining accuracy in the measurements as well. If you are not interested in mixing both cookies, in Business Manager you will be able to modify the configuration from the "Event Manager"Does it affect consumer privacy? Absolutely not, because you have the same control over your data as with the previous pixel.

Facebook Attribution, more information about your campaigns

As you may well know, the tan desired ROI (or ROAS) in Social Media has always been a questionable metric. This "headache" for advertisers and agencies has a real impact on campaign management, which is why all advertising platforms try to "polish" the data they offer as much as possible.

In general, the attribution of conversions is based on cookies or last click attribution, giving a partial view of campaign performance. Facebook Attribution was created precisely to provide a a global vision adjusted to reality of the campaigns.

However, Facebook does not manage to solve this major dilemma, but it does represent a progress towards transparency to optimize conversion tracking. This will allow you to know what drives the conversion, at what time it is made, from what device, etc.

Facebook Attribution Devices

What can you find in Facebook Attribution? One of the new features is the tracking of each element in your campaignsThe report provides a much clearer overall picture of their contribution to the overall result. In this sense, it gathers data from various sources such as Facebook Insights, offline conversions or events in APP.

The combination of all these sources offers a much more true-to-life campaign performance than is currently available. In addition, in the customized reports you can display cross-device conversions along with information on the source channel: Paid, Organic and Direct. If you want to set up your own report, you only need to integrate a minimum of two data accounts with your advertising account: pixel, APP or offline events.

In short, this free Facebook tool is a big step forward in analytics and KPI measurement. It involves a deeper analysis of conversions, channels, user journey to conversion, and so on. After its release, it is time to analyze the clarity of its metrics in order to get the most out of advertising campaigns 🙂

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