Father's Day 2019: opportunity for your eCommerce


Only one week left! Once again, it's time to congratulate our beloved parents. The annual eCommerce marketing calendar does not overlook one key date: the Father's Day 2019 is another great opportunity. Up to a 30% of people in Spain will make a gift to family and loved ones: why miss such an occasion?

► Plan your strategy.

Just like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday and other major events, Father's Day also requires a online strategy for your business. Below, we leave you with a series of recommendations to succeed with your eCommerce on this date:

  • Advance notice.

    In 2018, there were more than 6 million searches in Google, of which the 65% were fully planned with more than one week in advance. Planning your strategy sufficiently in advance will allow you to create an sales funnel in which capture traffic with generic searches and, subsequently, reimpact with remarketing campaigns to those who are interested in more specific products, so be aware of delivery times! The logistics is a fundamental issue: make sure that your customers have their gift on the date they need it.

  • Specific space on the web.

    Setting the ambiance of your website is one of the things that can never be left out: it is the first thing your visitors will see! The web is that precious showcase that captures the attention of the potential customer. Nothing better than a banner in the Home that makes the user feel in the right environment for their Father's Day purchase. In addition, why not use the Content Marketing? Offer relevant information in your blog in advance: DIY gifts, product combinations and packs, packaging ideas, etc. Make it easy for your users! Create a specific category with a selection of products acts as a perfect filter so that the user does not have to dive "excessively" through your website.

  • Social Media and Newsletter.

    The Social Networking are already an essential channel for this type of actions: the Emotional Marketing on such an important date requires diffusion on this type of platforms. Design exclusive creativities for the date, connect with your target and offer special promotions (both to build loyalty and to convert new customers). Why not even go for it with a contest or sweepstakes? ? If you have a customer database, take advantage of it to communicate with them to let them know about your actions and promotions with a newsletter. Going further: provide gift ideas and quality content, you don't always have to do direct sales!

  • YouTube video format.

    During these dates, up to 22% of the total searches on YouTube relate to terms specific to Father's Day. In 2018 there were more than 8 million views in this period. An additional fact: 30% of them are concentrated in the 3 previous days and the same day of celebration. Get excited about creating your own video creativities 😉

Father's Day

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