Geofeed is our data feed editor. This tool based on the development of our own technology allows us to act as a link between the data feeds that come out of the stores and their subsequent upload to other channels, especially to Google Merchant Center.

Thanks to this intermediation process, we can enrich customer data feeds, so that in Google’s eyes they are more complete. Likewise, it allows us to work with higher quality levels that help to optimize Google Shopping campaigns with lower average CPCs.

Advantages of our
feed editor

Apart from what would be the semantic enrichment of titles and descriptions, Geofeed opens the doors tomany other improvements within the data feed. Some of them are the following:

  • It allows to fix strange characters that appear in the exports of the data feeds from the ecommerce backoffice.
  • Helps detect sensitive terminology with Google Shopping policies to avoid product rejections.
  • Instant synchronization with our Spypricingprice tracker to keep the best priced products tagged in real time.
  • Massive modifications in any attribute of the data feed without having to make the changes on the web.
  • Allows you to combine different fields from the data feed to create new nonexistent ones.
  • It also gives us the possibility to generate Search Network campaigns in a massive and automatic way to bid for each of the products that our data feed contains.

Exclusively for clients

These are just some of the features of our data feed editor, however it is important to clarify that it is not a tool that is marketed independently and that it is only available to agency clients.

Ask us for information without compromise!

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