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During the management of advertising accounts in Google Ads we are usually presented with multiple problems that require help from Google's support team, however, many of them are dealt with by filling out direct forms and waiting for them to be processed. In this blog post we want to collect some of the most important more useful Google Ads help formsIt is worthwhile to keep track of them in order to make use of them when we least expect it.

  1. Enable the credit line as a payment method.: with this form we can request, for example, 60 days billing. This payment method is not enabled by default in the accounts and requires to be registered as a company for at least one year, to have a Google Ads account with good quality for at least one year and to have invested in at least 3 of the last 12 months at least 5.000$.
  2. Trademark claim: It is necessary to fill out this form to protect your brand so that no unauthorized third party can use it in Google advertising. Additionally, it is usually necessary to submit your account Google documents from the trademark and patent agency, as well as confirmation from the legal or operations manager of the applicant company.
  3. Authorization to third parties for trademark use: This form is used to ask the brand manager if it is possible to use the brand in advertising actions in the Google Ads network. Ideally, the client should speak directly with their suppliers to find out if they would give their approval in this regard.
  4. Violation of third party policy: if despite registering your trademark you detect abusive behavior by an independent advertiser, you can use this form to report it.political infringement third parties
  5. Infringements in advertisements: This form is used to report practices that violate Google's advertising guidelines. Although these guidelines are automatically monitored by Google, sometimes certain ads can slip through the cracks, so it is still possible to report them manually, especially when your competitors are taking advantage of them.violations advertisements
  6. Transform a single Google Merchant Center account into a Multi-Client Account (MCA): this link will be very useful if you are an agency or managers of several Google Shopping accounts, as it will allow you to create an MCA from which to manage all the Merchant Center accounts of your different clients. Likewise, if you are an advertiser who wants to work your domains or subdomains independently, this will be the ideal option.
  7. Application to promote gambling advertisements (Gambling): this form is essential to be able to advertise campaigns focused on directing the user to betting or affiliation websites.
  8. Sale of counterfeit products: Google prohibits the sale of counterfeit products that are promoted using a trademark or logo that is identical or similar to the trademark of another. Thus, any such practice can be reported through this form as the owner of the original trademark or as a third party.
  9. Complaints related to the Google Ads service: This form will allow us to make a formal complaint addressed to a Google Ads or Analytics product, as well as customer service, if applicable.
  10. Avoid the double serving: Google does not allow an advertiser to promote the same (or similar) content from several accounts for the same query. Therefore, if we detect that an advertiser is violating this rule, we can report it by attaching graphic evidence through this form.
  11. Application form for online pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers: As the name itself indicates, if we are going to advertise pharmaceutical products, it will be essential to complete this application in the different countries where a license is pharmacy formulary
  12. Soliciting healthcare-related advertising: if the request is for other health care related products or services, you may also complete this form, which highlights the option for applicants that are established non-profit or governmental health advocacy organizations.
  13. Contact and Suggestions Form for Google Ads: As you know, this same query can be managed directly through the "Help" options from the Google Ads interface. In addition, you have the support team available through the chat or 900 800 624 by entering your Google Ads account ID.

We hope you find these links to Google Ads help forms useful and that you can use them when you need them. At the same time we encourage you to include in your comments any other that you can think of and we will try to keep the post updated.

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