Future developments in Google Shopping

Today we bring you a new development that is going to revolutionize the way we will see the products in google shopping.
The aim is to incorporate into the shopping ad the customer photos to be displayed with the reviews of that product. Many websites already used this type of reviews with photos on their products but they did it internally and everything remained within the website itself. With this feature they can also be seen in Google Shopping, reducing uncertainty in the purchase decision.
This new feature is being rolled out now and is available through a few review partners. These images will be accessible from the "See more" option in the mobile ads or for the desktop option by clicking on the star ratings.

Why should we be on the lookout for this new feature?

Images attract more attention than text, so competitors that incorporate this new feature, in addition to complementing product reviews, will have a visual advantage over others.
Along with reviews, it is the users and customers themselves who generate this content, feeling more involved and helping other users to buy. They add authenticity and generate more trust which is very beneficial for companies.
We can't yet measure what impact adding this feature will have on google shopping, but it is likely to result in improving click-through rates and conversion rates.
At the moment it will only be available in United States The company is in the early stages of its evolution, but it is assumed that this is only temporary and will be expanded to the rest of the countries.
U.S. advertisers who want to access this new feature will have to work with a list of review providers The company is confident that it could expand to more providers in the future. The current ones are: Yotpo, PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice and Influenster.
Once customer images are enabled within the review provider platform discussed above, those images will be automatically distributed to Google for inclusion in shopping ads.
Do you find it interesting to add more information in Google Shopping? Would you add it in your E-commerce?
Leave us your comments here!
Source: https://searchengineland.com/new-google-shopping-program-enables-customer-photos-to-show-with-their-product-reviews-319341

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