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Geotelecom attends Bing Day Explore

At Geotelecom we are very aware of the importance of keeping abreast of the latest latest news in the sectorThat's why, whenever the opportunity arises to attend a training event related to SEM and digital marketing in general, we go there!


On this occasion, our hosts have been the Bing Ads team, who invited us to their Microsoft headquarters in Madrid to present us all the news and Bing Ads tricksits advertising platform for the management of paid search engine campaigns.

The morning's breakdown of the morning's events was bound to be of great interest to anyone involved in the PPC world, be they advertisers or clients, and we were not disappointed: Alejandro Campoy, head of Cortana, was the first to take the stage and gave us an overview of the past and present of the marketsHe told us how they have evolved with the advent of the Internet, how they behave and also gave us a glimpse of what their future will be like.

Once Alejandro had finished, it was the turn of Guillermo Serrano, account manager of Bing Ads, who introduced us to the product and gave us some tips about how to optimize our campaigns Bing Ads and get the most out of them.

To conclude, Raquel Tejedor, account executive, invited clients and professionals of the sector to a round table The Q&A followed a series of questions and answers that revealed the experience and sensations of each one of them when using Bing Ads.

To end the morning in an unbeatable way, we held the raffle of an Xbox One among all those attendees who had obtained their Bing Ads Professional accreditation. Can you imagine who was the lucky one? Indeed, Geotelecom took it home!

After a morning as intense as it was interesting, all we can do is to thank the Bing Ads team the effort and time invested in making such an event possible, especially to Raquel, who is always happy to take our calls and invited us to be part of Bing Day Explore. Let's hope there will be more events like this, as we will be there!


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