Geotelecom is a Google Premier Partner

Geotelecom joins the select group of Google Premier Partner companies!!!

Google Premier Partner.
Google Premier Partner Badge.

That's right, thanks to all the hard work and daily effort of our entire team and the trust of our customers.Geotelecom is Google Premier Partnerwith specialties in Search Ads, Mobile and, of course, it could not be otherwise, Google Shopping.

With this new badge Google wants to certify those agencies that meet certain criteria and have demonstrated excellent performance in the accounts they manage.
Google awards the Google Partner Premier badge under certain criteria. Thus, it recognizes agencies with a higher investment and that meet more certification and performance requirements, as is our case (only 5% of the agencies are).

These certifications are a means to catalog and better understand the level of knowledge of the agencies and if that knowledge is related to the services in which the client is interested in hiring. For users, the existence of these badges is very useful, since they can search through the partners page to the company that best suits your needs and can provide you with the best service.

Services we offer to companies.
Services we offer to companies.

The certifications on each product demonstrates that at least one of the persons working for the agency has a high level of expertise in the basic and advanced concepts related to that particular product.

Specializations for companies recognize Partners that they have achieved and have demonstrated an increase in performance and knowledge of AdWords products. The individual certifications held by employees in our company are shown in the table below.

Specializations for companies and individual certifications of our employees
Specializations for companies and individual certifications for our employees.

What does it mean to be a Google Premier Partner?

Becoming a Google AgencyPremier Partner is not only an honor for us, but it will also bring multiple advantages for our clients. Thanks to it we will have access to Google betas, and we will be able to test the cool new features of AdWords on our clients before anyone else.

In addition, we will have premium support from Google agents, which translates into direct and fluid communication to help us in the day-to-day management and achieve the best results for our customers.

So this badge is not only an incentive for us, but also one more reason for you to trust Geotelecom.

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