Geotelecom at the Automation Now Workshop of Google Partners

Last week I attended together with my Geotelecom colleagues, Raúl Salas and Diego González, the Automation Now workshop organized by Google for its main Partner Agencies in Spain.

First of all we would like to congratulate Google for the good organization and the high level of the event. We went deep into everything related to automatic bidding strategies in Google Adwords.

We end up making case studies by groups together with other members of other agenciesThe company will present and share value propositions for the implementation of all types of campaigns, paying special attention to automatic bidding strategies: Improved CPC, Maximize Conversions, Target CPA and Target ROAS.

We have gone through the mobile revolution and now we are immersed in the mobile revolution. machine learning revolutionThe current data processing capacity of the machines makes it feasible to process the large volume of data generated by all users. Now is the time!

This Google technology, which we have been testing at Geotelecom for more than three years, has been improving with the release of new versions of the algorithms, in the last year Google's engineers have really stepped up their game!

This tool has become essential to manage certain campaigns at the highest level. We have to be on the crest of the wave! But it is still just another tool, the most important thing is to think and see how to make the most of it, so that everything works properly, it is necessary to give the best of it. the best food algorithm. 

The structure of the campaigns and ad groups must be aligned with the profitability objectives of the clients and with Google's requirements for these campaigns. The launching of campaigns becomes a critical issueas well as the analysis of results, is crucial. time it well to analyze the data correctly and not to make hasty decisions that may cause us to fail in the attempt. We must be patient and avoid making changes in critical phases - especially the two weeks before the activation of the automatism and the weeks after.

The campaign structurethe keyword matching, creativities of ads in search campaigns, the attribution model employee, as well as the hearings become decisive elements to be dealt with in order to succeed in automatic strategies.

We see that Google's algorithms process a huge amount of signals that users leave in the "Google world" - Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail... -, the different browsers and devices, and depending on how we behave on the web, which will try to predict the consumer's final behavior and adjust the bidding according to the probability of conversion. It is clear: it is not possible to manage this volume of signals manually. On the other hand, the hearings are becoming more and more important in the management of Google campaigns.

From Geotelecom we see a major breakthrough to introduce automatic bidding strategies in the Google Adwords campaigns of our clients, which make us the routine tasks and of less added value so that our work is much more strategic, of more value and with a 360º vision, in order to go from the routine tasks to the more strategic ones. providing new solutions for the growth of our customers' business.

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